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IBS on Embarrassing bodies Ch5 next Thursday at 7pm

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Hi everyone,

We have many members with IBS an interest in IBS and the best diet for IBS including the FODMAP diet, so this is raising awareness of a debilitating condition and something that requires more understanding.

Here's a link to the NHS about getting diagnosed for IBS, please see:


I'd also like to point anyone with an interest in IBS to HU's IBS community:


Whats exciting for members on here is Alicia "Crazyfitness" who was a very popular member of the Community its for a long time and volunteered to be in the program, so good for her and I'm looking forward to seeing the program.

So I shall be clicking the record button thats for sure.


NB: It is Alicia's desire that this is posted so i have Alicia's full permission to post this on relevant HU communities.

Here's a link to the program:


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Oh thanks for flagging this up Jerry and I'll certainly take a look. I know crazyfitness and it will bring an extra dimension to the program to be able to learn more of her journey through this. 👍

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Callendersgal

Thanks Sue thats just what I thought especially as Alicia has put a lot of time and effort into finding that a low FODMAP diet is helping her control her IBS a lot.

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CallendersgalGuest in reply to Jerry

Indeed Jerry, she always has put 100% effort in learning about her condition and dealing with it and I hope that this will shine through in the program! She's a real example of how we can turn things around with personal effort! 👍😊

Kuddos to her for being involved in a program that is trying to increase awareness about the role of diet on health conditions. 👏

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Imaaan

Hey absolutely Imaaan and the program is called How to stop your IBS So I know that it is going to be interesting with a lot about diet.

🤓(nerd!) Embarrassing Bodies is a channel 4 series. This seems to be a series of it's own, entirely about IBS.

I would advise my brother to watch it, but he is not going to take dietary advice from Channel 5, if he's never listened to his doctor.


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Wow, this is great, and I will ensure to watch it, it will be great to look out for Alicia in that programme, and I'm sure it will be an interesting programme in anycase.Zest :-)

Hi everyone. I don’t post much but I always loved the pictures crazyfitness would post on her bike rides. Is she still on HU?

I’m in the US so I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the show.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to metalminded

Hi metalminded I’m sorry to say that they left all the communities but is very happy that I’ve told everyone about the tv program.

Thank you Jerry. I’m sorry they decided to leave.

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