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Ideas for Quinoa recipes

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I have gone from eating white pasta, which I think bloats me, to whole wheat. which i have been told is much better for you. But would please like recipes using quinoa. New to quinoa!

Is this even better than eating whole wheat pasta concerning good carbs?

Have been on a preventive diabetes course.

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Hi Superfluffies,

Has your doctor told you how many carbs. you're allowed at each meal and/or snack? Quinoa has protein and some types are lower carb. than others. It's a nice substitution for some types of rice. :-) A meal idea may be: Quinoa with mixed vegetables and curry sauce. :-)

No the doctor has referred me to a nutritionist for my IBS.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Superfluffies

Has the nutritionist helped you with planning how many carbs. to have so you can keep the blood sugars from going up/down too much? Check the labels for the quinoa packages and see what would be close to what they want you to try. :-)

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Has your doctor tested you for coeliac disease? Are your symptoms triggered by other high gluten foods like pizza?

Quinoa is a bit hit and miss, some seem to like it while others don't, so there's no harm trying.

Possibly worth buying some ready cooked quinoa for your first try, as that way you won't be left with loads if you decide it's not for you :)

Haven't seen a nutritionist yet, taking a long time .

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Superfluffies

It would be your doctor who would test you for coeliac disease. It would have been a blood test, do you know if they did one?

No coeliac, Cooper27. Thank goodness. My anxiety doesn't help. I am a worrier.

Hi Superfluffies, am a worrier and suffer from anxiety too. I've been thinking for sometime what to do with the pack of Quinoa Blanc that I've had in the kitchen cabinet for many months..I tried it a few years ago and didn't like it one bit so I binned it, but I thought I'd try again.. it come to my mind that perhaps I would like the Quinoa pudding as I like that sort of food..there's many recipes on the internet/you tube..I this is one I thought I would try when I get all the ingredients together next time I go shopping.

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Hi Superfluffies I love quinoa and often cook it with lentils and have that with veg as a met replacement so would use them in cottage pies curries and any savoury dish.

I also grind quinoa into a flour to use as I can't tolerate wheat so its a great gluten free alternative.

Quinoa is. complete food as it contains all the vital nutrients that our bodies need so is a great addition to our diets in my opinion.

Here's a link to all our topics with quinoa in I hope that you find some ideas, please see:

I eat quinoa a lot so hope that you enjoy it but basically you can use it instead now pasta rice and its a very healthy alternative.

So good luck and do tell us how you get on with quinoa. 😊

Following - great question - I find it hard to cook with although tabbouleh with quinoa instead of wheat works really well but that is all I have found.

Here's something I've found, which I like: a mixture of brown rice, quinoa, and lentils (which I've found pre-mixed, or you can mix them yourself.) I cook them in my rice cooker in unsalted or low sodium chicken broth, then mix into some stir-fried vegetables (I do corn, green beans, carrots, onions, peppers) Add plenty of your favorite spices, maybe top with some Worcestershire sauce or another healthy sauce. One cup of the rice/quinoa/lentil mix and one cup of the mixed vegetables will yield 4 servings.

Hi we no longer eat wheat pasta I buy gluten free pasta from Sainsbury's they do penne and spaghetti its made in Italy and is really good .Quinoa is so easy to cook and lasts ages in the fridge . Its one cup of quinoa to two cups of water

Nice with avocado in a salad or in place of rice the other benefit is that it is alkaline

Quinoa , avocado, curry powder, little olive oil, cilantro (optional) and a squeeze of lime. Simple breakfast. I'm hungry thinking about it!It is great for making salads a little more interesting. Besides mixed greens you can experiment ... fruit/berries, avocado, nuts, cucumber goat cheese. Quinoa and mixed greens will work with any of those. Note that a serving is 1/2 cup. on a salad you only need 1/4-1/3

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