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Vegan lunch

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Hello everyone,

I’m sharing my lunch with your guys- Tomato & Mozzarella Tortellini. It’s not easy to maintain my weight. After loss some weight on a vacation then gain back again within a month time.

I’m thinking of going vegan. I know my lunch have milky mozzarella and eggs. And eating meat are not vegan thing. Apart from that, I do not have much knowledges about how to switch to a vegan diet and stay healthy. Any experiences you are welcome to share.

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Before suggesting how, can I ask why do you want to go vegan?

Why do you ask that? I’m not a big eater all my life. Eating meat make me uncomfortable. The metabolism is so slow as I’m getting older.

I did not mean to offend you. My intention was to offer my opinion on whether veganism would be a good path for you, but I can see that would not be welcome.


Don’t get me wrong, subtle_badger. I’m very happy to get response from you. All of us here are kind and supportive. I really like this community since day one. 😆 LOL

Hi Berosie, your lunch looks delicious.The vegans i know and have met on this site all seem to be eating very healthy food and looked healthy to me..things have changed since i tried veganism some 40 years ago. ( only lasted a week) ..there I vegan forum on H U if your interested in joining them, they will be very happy to have you on board and answer any questions you have..good luck.🙂👍

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Berosie in reply to Happyman4

Thank you, happyman4. If it’s good thing to do for my health. I wish I can stick on vegan diet. But if to be vegan is about the less flavour and tasteless food. I don’t think I will even give it a go.

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Happyman4 in reply to Berosie

Vegan food is. far from being tasteless. Am not a vegan but a lot of my Mediterranean food that I cook that is vegan is delicious...

A variety of beans and lentils that are very nutritious can be cooked in many ways, then there is an amazing variety of nutritious vegetables..and now you have things like vegan cheese. and butter and many more products that specialize in vegan food..I don't think I would have a problem if I wanted to be a vegan now..

But it is sensible of you to find out as much as you can before committing yourself to it.

There are many videos on YouTube as well as this and the vegan forum that you can get advice on..🙂

Yummy 😋😍 i bet it’s really delicious i could eat a lot of that thank you for sharing ☺️ lot’s of hugs 🫂

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Berosie in reply to Hb2003

I’m glad you like it. Really touching, thank you, Hb2003.

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Hb2003 in reply to Berosie

Your welcome 🙏 ☺️❤️

My advice is to carry on eating cheese and eggs being vegan imo is not a good idea I am upset when I think of animals being killed so I can eat them but the fact is we have evolved over thousands of years eating meat our bodies run.on it

I try to only eat free range chicken and outdoor bred pork but I do eat meat

As for digestion - meat is easier to digest than pulses

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Berosie in reply to Lizzo30

Very good point, Lizzo30. Nowadays these animals are farmed under the terrible conditions. Most people have too much proteins etc nutritions as our bodies do not need. When I’m on diet for a day. I feel good. As you suggested that I would love to eat quality rather than quantity.

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secrets22 in reply to Lizzo30

You are absolutely correct,and i also eat meat,but not excessive,and a recent study shows that a vegan diet is very good when young but as we get older we need the nutrition of meat.

Your Tortellini looks delicious Berosie.

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Berosie in reply to springcross

Thank you Springcross. Adding as much veggies as I could: courgette,mushroom, tomatoes of course plenty herbs.

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springcross in reply to Berosie

Yum. x

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Your lunch looks delicious Berosie 😊

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Berosie in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry.I’m glad you like it.

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I'm 55 and haven't eaten meat since I was 16 yes old. I went from vegetarian to vegan 7 yrs ago. I am an ethical vegan- eg. not just eating plant based foods/ lifestyle/to lose weight- but I am trying to cut out some of the vegan processed foods which are so easily available now. As long as you can cook basic meals you can go vegan. You can easily veganise any meals. I would suggest the Veganuary website is a good place to start. I must eat about 40 plants a week so it's a varied not restricted way to live! Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Berosie in reply to Wbrig

I have this wish to grow my own plants in my garden. Eat what I grow from scratch. Im learning how to grow and how to reduce the unnecessary food consumption. I was born with a my parents have restrictions on processed food. Thus I am not a fan. Thank you for the website recommendation, there are many things I need learn.

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