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Where are you on the Healthy Eating scale?

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Good morning everyone,

There is a lot of interest in healthy eating obesity and the coronavirus as obesity put stress on our bodies and this makes people much more vulnerable to serious complications with COVID19.

Here’s a link to the BBC’s where are you on the healthy eating scale please see:


We want to help all our members to eat healthily and with the pandemic we have a very good reason to get ourselves as healthy as possible.

I’d like to remind members of HU’s community supporting all members through the pandemic, please feel free to join us: healthunlocked.com/positive...

Stay safe and eat well with sufficient exercise for a healthy future folks. 🌈😊

68 Replies
StillConcerned profile image

Always assuming that what they focus on are the most important.

Survey after survey finds that the UK eats about 1% above recommendations of saturated fat, yet this remains a priority, whereas there is no consideration of the amount of excess carbohydrate that is stimulating too much insulin and creating too much fat in the body. Tragic!

in reply to StillConcerned

Hello StillConcerned I'd say that they were focusing on facts and the fact that over 60% of the UK population is overweight is a shocking and tragic statistic, and as I said before obesity and diabetes makes people much more vulnerable to serious complications with COVID19.

So here's part of their first paragraph as this sums up what this is about:

More than 60% of adults in the UK are overweight or obese according to the latest data. Diet is a key factor in staying healthy and minimising your risk of Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. But how does your diet compare with other people in the UK and are you staying within the Recommended Dietary Intakes for important nutrients and foods?

And here's a link about the NHS survey:


At least some of us are doing something to help others lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

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StillConcerned in reply to

I wasn't questioning anyone's good intentions Hidden

in reply to StillConcerned

Thank you StillConcerned 😊

Zest profile image
Zest in reply to

Thanks for including the NHS survey link, I hadn't seen that. I hope to have a read later.

Zest :-)

M1cklet0ny profile image
M1cklet0ny in reply to

If it wasn't there in the first place there would not be a problem i was born in 1941 i lived in the country there was no junk food everything was made from scratch yes we had cakes and puddings but they were rationed so my answer is ration fat and sugar . Type 2 diabetes can be reversed . No i sm not thin my bmi is 26.5

Zest profile image

Hi Hidden

Thanks for this, I enjoyed completing that, as well as reading the article, and there's some helpful links to nice recipes in the article as well - I shall be popping back to have a look through some of those, when I get a chance!

Hope you're having an enjoyable day.

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Hey thanks Zest I enjoyed it too...😊

MrRigatoni profile image

Hello thank you for this post. The problems are the following in my opinion.

Portion control and sizes we do not know many people including my self. I just seen that link confusing and bewildered.

Are we getting all scales then from our Governments who has time to weigh measure food.

I think it is important yes to really make an effort but all things in moderation.

So we have to think why problems with obesity it is down to Governments is down to generations.

Times have changed meet so many not cooking not interested in eating food health problems issues.

Relationships with food often childhood trauma.

In my experience we need not to be told but to be persuaded.

A different aspect of nutrition is something I tried to do is impart not only the healthy factor but costs savings.

People think many do cooking making creating food is hard not bothered have not got the time, important those lines comments.

I used to join wellbeing and healthy courses run by local services charities take part listen to many an argument.

Then added my own comments after all the furore and anger. Anger over eating and making excuses.

Time to cook and have the many blame the Governments the costs of food and expensive products we have in this Country the UK.

I also have to add a suggestion to any one looking at nutritional changes find these course enrol.

One thing they also do is food factory visits.

I feel in the UK we are conned deceived by marketing media and if you really want to pay over the odds for most products we let you do that.

As examples yet most products and produce are made in the same factory have licenced agreements with stores.

Own brand products are being made by the well known companies under licence yet we fall for this and purchase. Often poor cheap and not all nice .

Pay a few pence more create a market this helps, I buy good quality produce on benefit low income.

Own brand supermarkets disgusting high priced costs and full of salt sugar bright red too much. Not tomato sauce Pasta is that bright red not natural.

I see people customer pay over odds for salty sugar filled jar of gunk . Show them to make their own.

Only choices we have to day is to buy on line websites.

The brands the Italians use trust these are amazing not expensive bulk buying Any produce we need to finally say enough is enough.

I meet a lot of people on low budgets and incomes in the volunteer roles I have done do not eat and do not buy the right food.

My thoughts are how do we change.

These are my changes like to see.

1.. In schools all lunches organic and vegetarian by law.

They do in Italy from a young age.

2. All schools have spaces to grow produce education gardens allotments use produce to make lunches.

3.. Education knowledge instilled and made to be a part of school life. Grocery marketing budgeting money finance.

4. Cooking for all in schools and beyond . Parents asked to be involved set up school community cooking clubs.

In Spain often men have cooking social clubs lots of them to cook sing chat laugh be friendly and of course helps health wise.

5.. In all supermarkets some do many do not bring back meat butchers counters, green grocers and so on deli miss a deli.

Not good to see packets of meat there is no one around to ask any questions.

Some supermarkets in the UK do but others are a market place to offload rubbish tat awful food packages wrong saves environmental.

6.. Incentives and initiatives to discourage buying unhealthy food by offering choices options and opportunities to be persuaded to look at alternatives.

Wellbeing sign posting and organisations should be all helping.

7. On TV not a iota of cooking programmes showing people simple easy food to prepare and create.

At the right time evening, not late at night.

Hate Masterchef. Saturday Kitchen because show food being treated different high fine dining not so need heed the Chefs Cooks to show us skills talents we can use.

I want some one come on to talk about what I can make freezer fridge easy meals.

Ready Steady Cook helps me so does Jamie Oliver any of the Italian numerous Chefs Cooks all working to give us ideas.

Most do not address the issues. In this current situation we all in, could be showing those who to do simple meals.

8. Those buy ready meals of poor quality and full of salt sugar and much more.

Yet could make it them selves if knew how to.

9. If in denial and not acceptance of any proposals then the costs of any health underlying issues must be met those who themselves not wishing to change.

If they caused there obesity by not agreeing or listening then have to pay costs for own health issues .

Contentious argument but I was an alcoholic if I carried on still drinking making myself ill.

I caused it so accept have to change or pay.

I was in hospital just one too many times. Had smoking complaint Rhinitis due to passive smoking in clubs.

Three elderly gents in beds the Doctor came around the discussion how many years smoking said so.

Today you will stop, after a while he stated if I find your smoking again will undo all my work and let you die.

I believe that you refused to listen to GP my team and deny yourself help to stop and these words ringing in my ears.

I thought maybe need to say that to other people with alcoholism or obesity.

I know I listened and stopped.

We are bombarded with messages all the time on TV junk food booze and all sorts.

That needs to go tax companies high salt sugar contents or food made of poor quality be removed.

Is this the answers ???

S11m profile image
S11m in reply to MrRigatoni

We need limiting amino acids - and animal protein is the best source.

Thank you Jerry for posting this, I'm going to have a look later.

Hope you've had a good day.

Alicia 🙏🌈😊👍

in reply to

It’s a bit of fun Alicia I expect you have more than your 5 portions a day. And with all that charging about on your bike...🚴‍♀️😊

in reply to

I love a bit of fun Jerry. I struggle a bit with fruit and veg as my favourite fruit is high fodmap ie. doughnut peaches and one of my favourite veggies is cauliflower which I react to if I have too much. I make up for it in red cabbage I think 😂😂

Cooper27 profile image

I found that a bit difficult to fill in, it asked me about my last 24 hours - I happened to pick up a small bag of crisps with lunch (maybe a once a month occurrence), and nibbled a piece of dark chocolate after dinner. I was concerned that the two would earn me a stern telling off, but it actually didn't ask about crisps or dark chocolate at all. The "typical week" was an interesting insight into food questionnaires in general :)

in reply to Cooper27

I don’t think I filled it in right as I had one home made biscuit and a little vegan hazelnut choc and it said I’d had 15 tea spoons of sugar!😊

Cooper27 profile image
Cooper27Administrator in reply to


I suppose it's an easy tool, not a full picture :)

thara9643 profile image

fairly healthy

in reply to thara9643

That’s good.😊

Fran182716 profile image

Well it told me that I eat a healthy amount of veg, very low sugar but I eat too much saturated fat. Thing is I don’t agree with them that saturated fat is a problem in sensible portions.

in reply to Fran182716

I agree Fran as I drink whole milk eat butter and cheese and whole milk is far more nutritious than semi skimmed. I’m not over weight so they’re not an issue for me and I see whole these as wholesome.😊

Eryl profile image
Eryl in reply to Fran182716

Quite right. The quiz is based on outdated and disproved ideas. Have a look at the video below.

Eryl profile image

The quiz falls down on the first question by lumping fruit and veg into the same question. The term 'Fruit and Veg' is a construct of the marketeers as Dr Garry Fettke explains. youtu.be/L6LL92Zs5L0

Cooper27 profile image
Cooper27Administrator in reply to Eryl

What we need to bear in mind is that the rules were created for people who would find them hard to follow. They said we need to eat at least 8 a day, but that most would have found that too much, so they set it to 5-a-day to make it more achievable.

We aren't supposed to eat all 5 portions via fruit, but again, 5 portions of fruit with no veg is still better than no fruit or veg.

Eryl profile image
Eryl in reply to Cooper27

As Dr Robert Lustig has proved that fructose is toxic, I doubt that very much.

Cooper27 profile image
Cooper27Administrator in reply to Eryl

If that's your take, isn't it still better than the alternative? We encourage snacking on fruit instead of biscuits, mars bars and crisps. If you tell people fruit isn't healthy for them, they'll eat something even more unhealthy in its place.

flo72003 profile image
flo72003 in reply to Eryl

So, you reckon 60% of the population in this country is overweight or obese because they eat too many apples and oranges?

Eryl profile image
Eryl in reply to flo72003

No but fruit does contribute to sugar intake, more so some of the modern varieties like seedless grapes and over sweet apples and oranges.

flo72003 profile image
flo72003 in reply to Eryl

If you ask me, the fruit contribution to the obesity crisis is rather negligible in comparison with the consumption of ultra prepossessed food. People are bigger and getting even bigger, because of the cheap highly calorific food (and drinks) easily available - takeaways, pizzas, alcohol, fancy lattes, macchiatos, frapuccinos (not sure how to spell them, sorry) and so on. So if a kilo of apples is about £2, a packet of biscuits is a pound, in addition of the buy 1 get 1 free offer. So I don't think that banning apples, plums and cherries or even seedless grapes from the supermarket will solve the obesity crisis.

Eryl profile image
Eryl in reply to flo72003

I'm not suggesting banning anything, but if you watch Dr Garry Fettke's video, you'll understand why he suggests that fruit should be eaten in limited quantities.

flo72003 profile image
flo72003 in reply to Eryl

I have watched most of it. No offence, but who is Dr Fettke??? Internet is full with "experts" these days.

I agree that most things should be eaten in moderation, no doubt about it.

My point was, that if someone is obese, it is because they eat crisps, biscuits and takeaways, not because of eating strawberries, bananas or even seedless grapes.

Eryl profile image
Eryl in reply to flo72003

It all adds up, so if you want to maximise heath outcomes you need to consider everything.

Interesting, thanks Jerry.

in reply to RosemaryandParsley

Thank you RosemaryandParsley and I agree 😊

Want2BHappy3 profile image

I’m like a lot of people, I have my good days n bad days. I snack a lot so I try to keep healthy ones. I stop buying chips I was eating a lot of them. I’m diabetic so their Bad for Me 😞😷🙏

in reply to Want2BHappy3

Hey we all have good and bad days and can be our own worst enemies sometimes so good luck with your diabetes and we will help you all we can to reverse it with diet. 👍😊

Want2BHappy3 profile image
Want2BHappy3 in reply to

Thanks Jerry, several doctors have told me that it cannot be reversed?

in reply to Want2BHappy3

I'd check this out please:


We have members who have lost weight and no longer take meds because of their diet and exercise regimes. So I hope that this interests you,

Want2BHappy3 profile image
Want2BHappy3 in reply to

Thanks jerry I’ll look into it. I had lost about 40 pounds nothing changed. I have gained back some of it. It’s difficult when you age to lose weight.

S11m profile image
S11m in reply to Want2BHappy3

I am only 71, but I have lost (and kept off) 35kg, through Low Carbohydrate, High-Fat (LCHF) and (Intermittent) Fasting (IF). See:


Want2BHappy3 profile image
Want2BHappy3 in reply to S11m

That’s Great, but Not everybody can do it. It’s Not Easy. 😷🙏

Cooper27 profile image
Cooper27Administrator in reply to Want2BHappy3

I've had someone explain it like this: T2D is essentially a condition you can manage with diet, removing a need for medication. Some call this "reversed" because your bloods have normalised, however others argue that you will always have T2D, you're simply managing it without medication. The end result is the same, it's just defined differently depending who you speak to! It's not quite a plain cut as that, but that's the gist of it :)

in reply to Cooper27

In the video I posted below Dr Fung states that T2 diabetes is a disease of too much insulin resistance and that is what causes high blood sugar. Having high blood sugar is the symptom of the disease. The disease itself is actually too much insulin resistance. However the "standard" treatments seem to be targeting high blood sugar rather than the root cause. A change in your diet can target the disease effectively by reducing your insulin resistance leading to your T2 diabetes going away/reversing.

S11m profile image
S11m in reply to

Too much (refined) carbohydrate

raises blood sugar

which raises insulin... until you have insulin resistance

so your blood sugar goes way up - and it is high blood sugar that is the "definition" of diabetes... enen though the real problem is carbohydrate in the diet and Insulin resistance and

A change in your diet can target the disease effectively by reducing your insulin resistance leading to your T2 diabetes going away/reversing.

Cooper27 profile image
Cooper27Administrator in reply to

Those in the "not reversible" camp say it's not just about insulin, it's also about the damage caused to the pancreas. The insulin regulates, but the pancreas isn't self-healing, and will always be damaged.

It's not that I'm taking a side on the debate, I don't know enough about diabetes. It doesn't seem that either side is strictly incorrect, strictly speaking, it's just about definitions. Either way, they all largely support dietary changes to help T2D.

Want2BHappy3 profile image
Want2BHappy3 in reply to Cooper27

I agree with You, I heard lose weight. I Lost about 40 pounds nothing changed. I’ll tell You what did bring my numbers down Intermittent Fasting. Don’t know if You’ve heard of it? My A1C was 6.8 after doing the fast it came down to 5.4. I didn’t really change the way I ate. I want to get a referral to a diabetic doctor to find out at what point can I stop taking medication? 😷🙏

Cooper27 profile image
Cooper27Administrator in reply to Want2BHappy3

That's really positive :) we're all so different and have different needs when it comes to our diets. Knowing what works for you is what matters most :)

Fran182716 profile image
Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to Cooper27

I still consider myself prediabetic though my HbA1c is now in the healthy range. If I gained the weight back and started eating sugar again my blood sugars would be back to high.

in reply to Want2BHappy3

Here's Dr Jason Fung discussing T2 diabetes and ways of reversing it.


Dr David Unwin is another doctor who's been successful treating diabetes patients through diet rather than medication.

Eryl profile image
Eryl in reply to Want2BHappy3

Those doctors are out of date. There are many instances of people reversing diabetes in 2-3 weeks with a rigorous low carb diet, and that with only making a minimal impact to their weight. Try The Pioppi Diet, which is a more recent and refined version of the Mediterranean diet. The book only costs £8:99

Want2BHappy3 profile image
Want2BHappy3 in reply to Eryl

Thanks, it just I get different opinions. Medicine has come along Way? I’m looking to get a referral for a diabetes Specialist my sugar has always been on the healthy side. Want to see if I can go off the medication? 😷🙏

Eryl profile image
Eryl in reply to Want2BHappy3


Cosmo501 profile image

I found this interesting. I'm eating lots of veggies and very low carb at the moment, and thought it would say I was eating too much saturated fat... but my level is still apparently below that of "the average" consumption. It's too light hearted to be a really useful tool, but a nice way to get people thinking about the balance of their general habits.

Want2BHappy3 profile image
Want2BHappy3 in reply to Cosmo501

People also have to be careful of not eating enough Carbs low sugar is just as Dangerous as high readings. 😷🙏

Cosmo501 profile image
Cosmo501 in reply to Want2BHappy3

All good thanks :-) All healthy results from recent blood tests.

S11m profile image
S11m in reply to Want2BHappy3

Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) can be dangerous... but this video "proves" that we have no dietry requirement for carbohydrate.


S11m profile image

It tells me I am not getting enough sugar or processed meat!

If they want to promote a healthy diet, would it not help if they knew what a healthy diet was?

flo72003 profile image
flo72003 in reply to S11m

I wouldn't think that the survey encouraged you to eat more processed meat and sugar. It probably suggested that your consumption is below the limit (recommended amount). They promote that we eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg daily (not a bad thing), no more than 6 tea spoons of added sugar (even better if they cut it to zero, but ...) and so on. Whether you agree with the amount of saturated fat and processed meat is your personal choice.

Some of the recipes they suggest are actually quite nice. Once again everyone should decide for themselves what would fit their personal diet choices. If you try to lose weight and eat LCHF, you might not like the "healthy Italian". For other people, who have not weight management issues, it could be a good option.

S11m profile image
S11m in reply to flo72003

The "ideal diet" for an individual depends on their bodyfat percentage, age, insulin resistance etc.

I have lost 35kg through Intermittent Fasting (IF) and LCHF, and have an ideal body-fat-percentage for my age - so now I (can) eat more carbohydrate e.g. jacket potatoes.

TaurusLady profile image

This is an interesting link Jerry, thank you..

Will save xx

in reply to TaurusLady

That’s great TaurusLady thank you for saying. 😊

daveh121 profile image

Look at all those fruits and veggies! Beautiful.

in reply to daveh121

Thank you Dave thats why we chose it for our banner on HE. 🍊🍉👍

lawli56 profile image

Your results

Based on your answers, you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and a healthy amount of sugar. You also eat a healthy amount of saturated fat but aren't eating enough oily fish, however you keep your red and processed meat consumption within safe limits.

Nice to know I'm doing something right.

Understandable since I'm vegetarian. I eat a lower carb wholefood diet, take high dose flax seed oil capsules in leu of oily fish and avoid highly processed and sugary foods. Most of my carbs are vegetable based with my breakfast based round a small portion of oats, fruit and yogurt plus maybe some rice for dinner although I've swopped out half the rice for quinoa. Sometimes I'll have a small roll at lunch but as I'm wheat intolerant I really don't like gluten free bread very much so maybe 3 times a week. I do make a small spelt and rye loaf from time to time but it takes me ages to eat it. I'm trying out a recipe for soya flour and almond breakfast muffins today.

My fasting blood sugar is 4.0 and I'm told my cholesterol is within normal range.

Zest profile image
Zest in reply to lawli56

Hi lawli56

I like the sound of your spelt and rye loaf - do you have a recipe for it? I hope your breakfast muffins turned out ok - they also sound scrumptious.

Zest :-)

lawli56 profile image
lawli56 in reply to Zest

Yes, it's a very easy recipe. I put my most frequently used recipes online in my account at Spark Recipes so I can add them into my tracker. It's a good job I do because my laptop hard drive went up in smoke recently and I lost a lot of my more recent recipes. I usually slice it, keep 3 or 4 slices out and store the rest of it in the freezer as it takes me ages to eat a loaf and it will go off very quickly even in the fridge. I prefer it as toast.


I'll let you know how the muffins turn out after I get some apple sauce and I've tried them out. I've been busy batch cooking for my freezer.

Celia ❤

Zest profile image
Zest in reply to lawli56

Hi lawli56

Thank you so much for this, I will keep a bookmark of it - as I definitely hope to try that recipe.

Zest :-)

Sazza47 profile image

Thanks Jerry . I need More veg and less saturated fat . I definitely agree with both .

in reply to Sazza47

This is great Sazza47 I'm glad that you found it useful. 😊

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