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Amazing lunch today

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We had half a butternut squash sat in the fridge looking lonely so dug my spirilizer out and made noodles out of it for lunch. Decided to try Jamie Oliver's cauliflower cheese pasta sauce. OMG it was gorgeous, even hubby who isn't a big cauli fan loved it. You basically cook the cauli and an onion in milk then blitz it with a little cheese. We added pepper before pouring over the noodles. It was really good. Can thoroughly recommend it, not too heavy on the carbs either.

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Hello fedupoffeelingtired thats such an amazing idea blended cauliflower cheese as I love cauliflower cheese. So food for thought as your lunch sounds delicious and nutritious. 😊

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Hi fedupoffeelingtired Glad you enjoyed your meal - it sounds tasty.

Zest :-)

sounds delicious. I will definitely be trying that sauce. I quite fancy a spirilizer, is yours quite heavy duty to cope with the squash?

It's not heavy duty. It's one where the blades are removable and you turn the handle to spiralize. It was a gift a few years ago. There are many different ones around. My kids love making curly fries with it

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