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Todays gluten free lunch.

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Hi everyone,

I baked this bread this morning so it was still warm so extra nice. This is a large gluten free bap that I bake and have 1/2 at a time, its made with gf brown bread flour with seeds, it's filled with strong cheddar cheese mixed salad grated beetroot yeast extract and a little mayo.

It looks like I'll start the New Year very much like I finished this one...😊

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Hi Hidden

Lovely that you baked some bread this morning, it looks fantastic. It looks delicious and colourful too - yum!

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest I was going to call it last lunch...

Jerry 😊

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Hi Hidden ,

This looks really good! :-) I really like how the bread turned out for you. Nice that it was still warm for lunch time.

I may have a sandwich for dinner tonight to bring in the New Year since we all won't be going out, but I will ring in the new year when the time comes. :-) Happy New Year! :-)

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Thank you Leah enjoy your dinner and Happy New Year 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Thank you! I will be back soon after I get my lunch.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Hi Jerry

Your bread looks lovely and I think we must have been thinking of each other as I have a ferment ready to use in my lounge to make some bread dough for my next loaf of Spelt Sourdough.

A very Happy New Year to you.

Alicia :)

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Hi Alicia, thank you and I’m sure that your sourdough will be delicious.

And a very Happy New Year to you.

Jerry 😊

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You do so well with your gluten free bread, it's not always that easy to make.


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Hi Jerry , your bread looks wonderful, going to give that ago myself.

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Hey thanks Annie55n that’s a great compliment.

Jerry 😊

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zube-UK in reply to Annie55n

It does look good, I'll have a go at making it too, what kind of yeast did you use Gerry please.

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Hey thanks zube-UK , I use dried active yeast, I avoid the fast acting ones as they often have wheat flour in them.

Jerry 😊

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zube-UK in reply to

Thanks I will look for that.

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Your bread looks delish as usual. Have a happy and healthy new year πŸ‘

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Hey thanks MTCee thats very kind of you and a very Happy New Year to you πŸ‘ πŸ˜€

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