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Veggie stew with gluten free dumplings.

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Hi everyone,

Here’s what I had for dinner tonight, it’s a simple stew with dumplings, I used a large red onion green beans with some frozen veg and the last of a batch of some frozen dumplings.

Here’s the dumpling recipe:

All I did was make a stock with low salt bouillon with a little rice flour yeast extract and a little cold water mixed to a paste then enough water to almost cover the veg then put the dumplings on top and left to cook in my slow cooker. The potatoes are ones I’ve frozen myself as I like potatoes in their skin.

It’s definitely stew and dumpling weather. 😊 ☔️

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Today here for lunch we had chicken and veg soup and sandwiches and for dinner rice with chicken in white sauce and cheese and biscuits which we enjoyed.

Tomorrow's dinner will be jacket potato and tuna

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JerryAdministrator in reply to

Hey your meals sound really good catgirl so encourage baked potato with tuna tomorrow. You’re getting more creative cooking and enjoying it so nice one as you benefit and enjoy it. 👍😊

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Hi Jerry

Your stew with dumplings looks extremely tasty. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Zest :-)

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest I did enjoy it. 😊

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

You must have read my mind Jerry, I was thinking this morning about having a stew and dumpling, yours looks and sounds amazing and I love the way you do your potatos, I am going to have to try them like that as well 😋

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thank you Debs it’s stew and dumpling weather that’s for sure. I’ve some lovely new potatoes to prepare and freeze for another day. 😊

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star in reply to Jerry


That looks and sounds delicious Jerry, it's definitely weather for stew that's for sure. I also love potatoes in their skin.

Hope you've had a good day.

Alicia 😋😊🌈

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JerryAdministrator in reply to

Thank you Alicia it’s internal central heating stew with dumplings...I love potatoes cooked on their skin too.

I hope that you have a great day now. 🌈👍😊

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Oh it really is Kerry, cannot beat a good pot of stew. In fact I think I'll make a stew once I've been shopping this week.

Hope you've had a good day.🌈😊🥘🍲

Good morning Jerry looks very appetising even at 8 on a morning I have just had wholemeal toast with avacado I found out I don't need Marge I do eat the benacol thou to help lower cholesterol I havnt had my banana yet, sometimes have marnelede but I'm worried about my sugar intake, It was the last avacado but I'm hoping we will be able to go in Morrisons if it's quite were right next to it today as mam's having flu jab, what's a salt boulion I read 24oo milligrams in a tap salt, mam gets the sea salt in a grinder I never bothered much with salt until I moved in with mam. People with heart failure are only allowed 2ooo milligrams we don't have heart failure mam has narrow veins from smoking when younger and eating too much chicken skin and lamb I think chocolate and alcohol also contributed. I just worry about my health with my dad having stroke at 81 and mam's heart block at 74 but dad wasn't on statins and he became house bound, I have been a flexetarian most of my life as I have eat chicken whilst eating with mam and a bit of meat in pies pixie gets most of it though 😺do you get your cholesterol checked as I have a friend who is vegan and his cholestrol was high I looked it up and read that if people aren't getting enough the body goes in to overdrive and starts making it, what do you do about omega 3 do you eat avacados🥑 and cold pressed rapeseed oil has omega 3, it's my mam's 81 at birthday today, enjoy your day blue sky and cloud here I'm still optimistic we will get lots of sunny days October my favourite month 🌄

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StillConcerned in reply to

My mother-in-law died at just 61 years old with a heart-attack. She never smoked nor drank.

Her narrowed arteries resulted from producing too much insulin. She followed the advice to eat jacket potatoes or boiled potatoes without butter, wholemeal bread and Weetabix. Cutting the fat from meat, having semi-skimmed milk, eating little and often all jeopardise our body's biochemistry.

Instead, we've been advised to avoid for decades many of the natural fats (grouped along with the processed junk) that are relatively inert, and healthy.

Look at the USA that got their fat intake down 32% of energy, and how their health did (not) improve. Yet, the vast majority of the developed world still follows the advice led by the USDA.

God bless us all.

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Good morning thank you, good advice I will cut back on sugar well it's the biscuits and sweets I am getting a brisk walk every day and will exercise as long as I burn the sugar off I don't have it in tea and I don't drink alcohol now except alcohol free but hardly my next alcoholic drinks will probably be Xmas I think if it wasn't for modern meds it be like the past were we died at about 4o hormones contribute and I am back on h r t which will help my chestrol and heart it was beating a bit funny sometimes but it's fine again now and I only have low caffeine tea now enjoy your day 🌄

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StillConcerned in reply to

Dear Hidden , it's not up to me to be critical or judgemental.

With regards to burning off sugar, we have a reserve of glycogen, and eating serves to stop that becoming exhausted (among a host of other purposes). Glycogen provides the energy for intense activities such as the central nervous system, heavy weight training, or sprinting, where the oxygen can't be provided quick enough to burn fat.

Not wanting to frighten anyone, a colleague of mine had a heart attack last year despite being a frequent distance runner, believing a similar rationale with the biscuits that you describe.

The Perfect Health Diet estimates that a typical person uses between 480 kcal and 640 kcal per day in the form of carbohydrate. The norm is for most of it to be converted to the harmful VLDL, triglycerides and visceral fat we fear.

Again, we don't need to avoid carbohydrate, but it has been greatly over-emphasised. The RDA was arrived at by default as a result of the conscious decision to limit fat intake; halving the RDA for carbohydrate and instead getting most energy from monounsaturated fats (3:2 monounsaturated to saturated), as with the Mediterranean Diet, would make this a much healthier nation.

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Thank you very enlightening I will think twice about the biscuits it's just comfort eating I never used to eat many mam's said she will make some sugar free ginger biscuits I think genetics play a big part and as most my life I been a very healthy eater I'm only 8 half stone too my cholestrol has gone down to 4.3 I don't drink alcohol now so that must be helping I had about 6 fruit pastels last night I rubbed the sugar off but I had 3 liquish toffees and 4 chewy Trevor mints too much I know ☹️

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StillConcerned in reply to

Try not to be hard on yourself Hidden . If you have insulin resistance going on, the glucose has difficulty being used by the cells where it is needed, adding to the sweet tooth.

In truth, the body can't distinguish between one source of glucose and another. Whilst fruit provides the minerals, vitamins and fibre, the sugar is no different. Most starches break down to glucose faster than refined table sugar.

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The thing is I never had a sweet tooth them sweets and biscuits were never on my shopping list I'd buy biscuits and they'd go damp it's since I stopped drinking as I was drinking about 3 or 4 nights like 2 or 3 cans cider or half bottle or a full bottle wine, as sometimes I'd binge I decided to stop and that's when I started wanting the sweet stuff it has got less my mas same since she quit alcohol after her heart attack 6 years ago all the people that I know that don't or rearely drink eat lots of sweets and chocolate cakes etc I cannot bare them cup cakes all that sickly cream makes me shudder, I think I will drink more chamomile tea on a night and sleep earlier then I'm not eating ☹️🛌

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Good morning Hidden and thank you. Now low salt bouillon is an instant stock powder using dried veg and I use a little of the low salt one.

I have had my cholesterol checked twice and my Dr said he hadn't seen any one with such low levels I had it tested again and it was slightly lower. HDL is considered good cholesterol and LDL bad as thats the one that clogs our arteries and the last cholesterol test showed my HDL was 2.9 and my LDL 1.4 so my overall cholesterol was well within guidelines.

My body doesn't absorb fat well and I guess I get omega 3 from pulses mostly.

I hope that you get what you want while your mum has her flu jab.

I also love October with the changing colours of the trees so probably my favourite month, so enjoy your day now its the same here sunny with clouds. 🌤 😊

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