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Quiche and salad


We enjoyed a lovely long weekend with lots of socialising. We made pizzas for the neighbours, which we cooked in the BBQ on Pizza stones. This little duck family swam past - they are so cute.

We had left over veggies and ham chopped up so I whipped up a quiche with them (without the pie crust) and served it with salad for dinner tonight.

We have George staying with at the moment, our daughter’s dog. She and her now fiancé are away on holidays - they got engaged in the weekend so there was excitement all round... and some 🥂🍾

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I love these Kaz and what a sweetie George is (I wouldn't want to give him back😊😊). Thanks for sharing. xx

Kaz747Star in reply to springcross

Yes George is like a big teddy bear 😃


What a gorgeous quiche and collage Kaz, I love Georges expression he must think he's in heaven staying with a foodie...

Congratulations to your daughter and her future husband I wish them every happiness and you must be very proud.

And on that happy note enjoy the rest of your day now. 😊

Kaz747Star in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry!

Sounds like you had a great weekend,yummy food too. How is your ankle? Best wishes 😀💐💐❤

Kaz747Star in reply to C66t

I’m off to see the surgeon today so will find out more then. It’s not too bad if I don’t walk a lot 🤪


Hi Kaz747

These are lovely photos - so many ducklings! Beautiful. Your daughter's dog, George also looks handsome. I love the look of your meal and the scenic view of the water. Gorgeous.

Many Congratulations to your daughter and her now fiance - that is wonderful news.

Zest :-)

Kaz747Star in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest!

Sounds like you had a great time. I also make quiche without the crust.

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