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stomach burns?


Hi everyone i m facing stomach problem for 3 years i go to various specialists but still my stomach burns i am taking a stomach capsule every morning without eating anything if i don't take i can't eat anything because of burn . can anyone help me so i can feel better.

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What did the doctor give you for the burning feeling? What do you eat on a regular basis? Any food allergies?

Doctor give me antibiotic but it don't work.

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What was the antibiotic?

a capsule which i am taking on regular basis

omega 20mg

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What are the side effects?

no side effects but i am feeling that i got addicted of it

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Does your doctor know that you are getting addicted to the medication?

Has anyone said what the burn is?

what do you mean?

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What can be causing the burning feeling?

junk foods but now i am not taking it

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Do you eat spicy food?

yes too spicy

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The spicy food may cause some of the issues with burning. Have you talked with the doctor about a possible ulcer issue?

obviously fast food is its cause but now i am not taking fast food

If you are having long term stomach problems, and you haven't had further investigations, perhaps a specialist is required to find out what's causing you this 'burning' sensation, a camera down your throat can rule out many problems, the burning sensation could be simple heartburn, but you need to find out what's causing you your symptoms,indigestion ect,causes many unpleasant symptoms, so unless you have been treated its difficult trying to give you any proper answers, but seek medical advice if in doubt.

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okay thanks

There is a stomach bug called h pylori which causes many problems, this is easily treated, it can be done by a breath test, but it causes bacteria in the stomach and can cause problems, it is treated with a course of antibiotics, and if you have long term acid reflux, which causes a burning sensation, there are many tablets from the doctor that will reduce the acid, and stop the indigestion,the remedies from over the counter at the chemists WON'T cure the problem,but they might help, and DON'T mix indigestion remedies with each other, so if you are still suffering, I suggest you go back to your doctor and explain what's happening with your stomach, and explain your symptoms,and DON'T SMOKE! this creates many problems, as it irritates the stomach,and besides the obvious health risks, hopefully this will give you some help,good luck.

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thanks you for your suggestion it is so helpful for me


If you're having continuous issues and the doctor is unable to help, then it can be hard for us to know what to suggest.

I would be considering food intolerances in the first instance. I'd suggest doing an elimination diet to rule out the main suspects: dairy, gluten, soya, preservatives, coffee etc. You need to cut them all out for at least 2 weeks (preferably 30 days).

Digestive enzymes or digestive bitters (e.g. yarrow root) can be helpful for balancing stomach acids.

okhay its good too i will cut off the mentioned item and hope it will be helpful for me

It could be GERD. See GP. He may give you PPI to be taken 30 mins before meal evening and morning. Plus Gaviscon at night. If its Gerd no coffee garlic onions berries only if with any milk except cows. No fatty food. Lots of veg with chicken turkey mince fish. If it's still there you must go back to GP.Dont give up keeping on at them. 3 yes is long time. I've had 5 yes of pain . Yet noone helped so far waiting to talk to yet another GI but cos of virus doubt if theyll do endoscope. Avoid milk. It soothes but turns acidic. Just a banana or pear or melon for fruit. Dont overload stomach. You could have h pylori yes or an ulcer. I'm only telling you what I have had still have . Good luck

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thanks for suggestions and the best wishes

Another possibility is low stomach acid. This is a not widely known condition. I was treated with medications for too much acid before I read about low acid being a “thing” and got sorted with a Apple Cider Vinegar.

You have had lots of great information. Perhaps You could make a list of it all and discuss with your GP?

is apple cider vinegar its solution?

It has helped me. I have 1/2 - 1 tablespoon diluted in a glass of warm water about 200-250ml (boiled and then cooled enough to drink) before each meal. Don’t drink it neat if you try it. It helps raise the acid levels in your stomach to digest your food. It stopped my pains after a few days and now I only have to take it occasionally when my acid levels drop again. Dr Sten Ekberg has a good video on this on You Tube.

I’ve had to give up spicy foods, vinegar based foods, tomato based foods, high acidic foods, and always chew papaya complex enzymes before and with every meal. I still take Tums sometimes and Pepto Busmil tablets. Going on 10 years. GI finally diagnosed me with gastritis and duodenitis, and boy, is that diet strict. I thought the MS diet was restrictful. Then I added the anti-inflammation diet. Now the one GI gave me for gastritis and duodenitis! No fun foods anymore. Except Simple Truth frozen almond dessert butter pecan. 🤣. But no burning unless I stray from diet. Good luck.

I give up too i use to say "No to fast food anymore"

not too much but as i give up from fast food i really feel better a little bit.

Have you been tested for H Pilory? That sounds like it? My daughter had it. They need to take a blood Test for it. Or information? 😷


Hello mhamzikhan

Please see a digestive diseases expert. I have finally been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis by a brilliant Gastroenterologist who treats the patient holistically, from literally the bottom to the top. There is no cure but I am being managed expertly and understand what triggers the disease symptoms. I also have lung disease called IPF which causes continual reflux or burning and nausea. I have been medicated with compound medication (not over the counter) by the same specialist and now manage it well. Do not eat food that will cause burning such as chilli, vinegar, salt and above all eat a healthy balanced diet. No junk food which is loaded with salt and chemicals. Getting the best medical help is vital for your well being.

Best wishes


thanks for the suggestions and best wishes now i am balancing my diet i am going to leave spicy foods too and sure it will be helpful

My daughter was diagnosed with Crohns Disease when she was 18. She is now 47. Not a happy road to travel. Doctor wanted her on prednisone rest of life, but she has controlled it (at least no operations) through diet and controlling stress most of her life. Yes, she has pain. Yes, she has unexpected allergic reactions and blows up like 7 months pregnant (must wear expandable clothes), but has learned to mediate and breathe deep and use yoga and stop and pray, and eat organic foods, fresh foods, no preservatives, etc., etc. No H. pylori for me, tested lots of time by various docs, but very high alkaline, with the gastritis and duodentiis, and burning tongue syndrome takes fun out of eating. Made my first gluten free, acidic free pizza yesterday. Actually, quite good even if it did exhaust me! Worth it! Enough for 4 days, though. Takes a lot of energy for us just to live!

It may be acid reflux as others have mentioned. With me the pain was not so much in the stomach but in the chest and back area. It would come in waves. What turned my life around was reading the book "The Acid Watcher Diet" by Dr Jonathan Aziz. I have to watch fat as well as acid.

If i am reading your answers to other peoples questions correctly, it seems to me you need to go back to your Doctor and explain your symptoms again. It is not really possible to get addicted to antibiotic therapy because they are only prescribed for a relatively short time. Have you read the patient information leaflet inside the packet of medication? That will have information on it in more detail than the chemists printed label. Like when to take it, how to take it etc. Cut down the spicy food and please, do go back to your doctor, to reassure you if nothing else.

Annie W55 has good info down in these replies. It sounds like you have a shortage of stomach acid. That is what acid reflux is. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar drank twice daily in a cup of water might help. My son has acid reflux and it helps him. It helps me too when I have heart burn or a touch of acid indigestion.

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