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EV Olive oil has antibacterial qualities and is good for hand and skin protection.

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Good morning everyone,

The news is totally dominated by the coronavirus with shops selling our of hand cleaners/sanitisers. I've found that my skin has been getting very dry and remeber that whenever I bake bread and rub olive oil on my hands to stop the dough sticking that my hands always feel much softer afterwards.

You only need a very few drops on your hands and it softens the skin and helps to protect from bacteria and virus' it contains vitamin E amongst other nutrients so here's a link about the benefits of using EV olive oil on our hands,

Please see:


The more we know about how to protect ourselves the better so any other tips welcome. Hidden has mentioned caster oil for having similar antibacterial properties.

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Hey Hidden I love cooking with EV olive oil and my local supermarket has been selling it half price.

Thank you Jerry for posting🙏. I've just read the article and I think I'll give it a go on my skin as I've got Pruritus, it's worth a try.


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Hey I hope it works I'm curious if you've been tested for DH as we have so many common complaints, please see:


Good luck with your Pruritus,

Jerry 😊

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Thank you Hidden . I mentioned to the doctor about histamine, to which I'm still convinced it might be, but he said that mainly younger people react and he would have been surprised if I had high histamine levels.

I've had a skin sample taken by the doctor and should hear in about a week, I'm hoping they know what it is or might be.

I've had a look at the link you've added, thank you, but don't think it's that as although I have it on my elbows I also have it on my arms (all over), bottom of each leg, behind the knee, chest, shoulders, back and sides and tummy. I'm taking some anti histamines at present which I'm not happy about taking but it's the only thing that has given me relief.

Thank you so much for posting, it's so interesting.

Alicia :)

No I haven't Hidden , thank you for the top, I'll get some lavender oil as I've already got coconut oil, what's the ratio of each oil in the mixture please? :)

Thank you very much, really appreciate your help

Thank you and I'll try anything to calm it down so appreciate your help. :)

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Just in time, my hubby has done some shopping, and he just walked in and i said, did you get some olive oil, yes he said why? oh just want to use some on my fair hands i said, wish i had a camera his face was a picture, but dare not repeat the words he said.

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It cheered me up after a sad week.🙏

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Hello Jerry,

EVO has been in my diet for as long as I can remember. I cook with it every day. My skin is in excellent condition without a line or blemish and at 70 many have commented on how smooth and youthful it looks. A consolation to my advancing IPF with upteen comorbidities. Yes, use the oil in every way to make your food, skin and hair sing. Praise to all natural products.

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Hello DeeSending good for you and I use olive oil everyday but I don't usually use it for my skin. So I'm impressed with what you've just said. 😊

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