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it's not just a matter of porage or porridge?

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when I was a wee lad Scott's Porage was the favoured breakfast - such a surprise to find that the correct spelling is "porridge"

my challenge is to find the best porridge for the start of the day: I do so enjoy porridge, any ideas on the a better one?

am looking to lose weight but which is the most beneficial for both type 2 diabetes and COPD?

I am led to believe it may be one that needs to be soaked overnight - are there any knowledgeable souls out there that can set me straight?

could it even be "spelt porridge"?

any advice appreciated

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Hi Wullie2009 we have a porridge Topic on here with over 120 so here's a link:

I hope this helps. 😊


However it’s spelled (or pronounced), Wullie2009, it’s all delicious! 😋

Oats as Cooked Oatmeal or Fermented Overnight. Rolled, Steel Cut, or Whole Groat. Prebiotic, Probiotic, not Idiotic via Dr. Richard Matthews:

(As far as I’m aware, oats are ‘safe’ for diabetics & COPD-ers? 🤔 )

We love 🥰 our humble oats & even add a scoop to our blender drinks/ smoothies 🍹 . . . 😋

[We fluctuate from thick rolled oats to steel cut oats to whole oat groats.]

Whatever type/ style of oat that tickles your tastebuds 👅 (& your fancy 😄 ) is terrific, Wullie2009! ☺️ 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


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Wullie2009 in reply to Kai--

well done Kai, I just didn't realise what a diverse subject oats proved to be

that was a fascinating interview you linked, almost at degree level, just shows how good oats are for us generally

my mother had always bought "Scott's" brand porridge oats and they used "Porage" for their specific brand, on the front of the packets it just said "Scotts Porage Oats" ~ that is why I found it amusing about the correct way of spelling

annoyingly they were so very inexpensive to buy, probably the cheapest of breakfast cereals, until they suddenly became popularised. I have always enjoyed them though.

coincidently, having been diagnosed with COPD a few years ago, a long way ahead of the diabetes that I have just found out about of late, I had spent an age trying to find a non-dairy "milk"

whilst there's a good few "milks" that are now trendy, none appeared to suit my palette, then within the last few weeks I have found oat "milk"

I really am a happy guy now: I can experiment with different types of porridge oats knowing they are pretty well all good for us providing we avoid the popularised types and also enjoy my cups of tea with oat "milk" without spoiling the taste

there are other things in life Kai but thanks for your help with the porridge

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Kai-- in reply to Wullie2009


[Very welcome, Wullie2009. 😌 🙏 ]

How wise (& economical) our parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 / grandparents 👵 👴 were. (We were fortunate they fed us real food 🌾 🥣 . . . 😌 🙏 .)

Am surprised 😯 (perhaps I shouldn’t be) at the price of simple "Scott’s Porage Oats" ( )! 😲

. . . It’s just simple rolled oats. 🤦‍♂️ . . . (Nothing fancy.)

Yes, perhaps the fact that they’ve become ‘popular’, gives business an opportunity to raise the price 📈 💰. . . ☹️ 😥

We end up buying our oats (rolled, groat, etc.) ‘in bulk’ 🛢🛢🛢 or when they’re discounted 📉. [It requires a bit of extra ‘storage space’, but worth the savings 💰 despite the (inconvenient) crowding. ]


Love that the speakers 🗣💬. . .🗣💬 are so knowledgeable & understand the depth of benefits of ‘the humble oat’ 🌾 ! . . . 🤗 . . . (Reassuring that we’re eating healthily/ sensibly. 😌 )


It is funny how marketing of the Scott's brand "Porage" does indeed influence the language — the spelling — that we routinely see on packaging & impresses upon our young minds 🧠 . ["Dunkin' Donuts" (instead of ‘doughnuts’), Cheez whiz" " (instead of cheese’‘), etc.. 😆 . . . Interesting to see the impact it has on young spellers 👫 & how language may evolve ♻️ to accommodate the shift toward the familiar (commonly/ routinely used) ‘marketing lingo/ spellings’. [Thinking of the wickedly funny movie 🎥 ”Idiocracy” ( , ] which seems to be not too far afield from the world as it currently is. 😂 🤣 😱. . . Hmmm . . . Perhaps it’s actually a "documentary"? 😯 🤷‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ ]


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Kai-- in reply to Wullie2009


Oh no . . . it’s awful being hit with double whammy (COPD and diabetes). 😧 😞 . . . I’m so sorry, Wullie2009. 😔 That’s a lot to deal with. 🤯 😣 . . . Found lots of lovely folks at British Lung Foundation (BLF) forum ( ) to be knowledgeable, friendly, supportive . . . 👍👍 . . . (A true blessing. 😇 )

Don’t know if these diabetes resources might be of interest to you? 🤔 . . . May be worth a ‘look-see’? 👀 . . . ‘A lot to wade through 🌊🏊‍♂️ , but may be some hidden gems 💎 💎 of use? 🤔 🤷‍♂️

. . . • . . . •

. . . • . . . •

. . . • . . . •

. . . •


Wishing you the very best, Wullie2009. 😌 🙏 . . . Keep hanging in there. And, keep enjoying those oats! 😋 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


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Kai-- in reply to Wullie2009


Oh . . . Yes, we enjoy oat milk too! ( , ). [If I find it (oat milk or any type of plant/ nut milk 🥛 ) ‘too thick’ or ‘too sweet’, I dilute it with a bit of water 💦 to taste.]


Laughing so hard. 😂 . . . Oats seem to be good for everything — even soaking in bath 🛁 ( )!! 😯 . . . Just wouldn’t eat (or drink) those used bathwater oats 🛀 . . . 🤣 🤪



We need only remember our Cole Porter -- Experiment ⚗️ 👨‍🔬 🧪 . . . If something’s not to our liking, we can always try again:

"Before you leave these portals

To meet less fortunate mortals

There's just one final message

I would give to you...

You all have learned reliance

On the sacred teachings of science

So I hope, through life you never will decline

In spite of philistine defiance

To do what ALL good scientists do.

Experiment... Make it your motto day and night

Experiment... And it will lead you to the light

The apple on the top of the tree

Is never too high to achieve

So take an example from Eve

Experiment... Be curious

Though interfering friends may frown... Get furious

At each attempt to hold you down.

If this advice you'll only employ

The future can offer you infinite joy

And merriment... Experiment

And you'll see!"


Hi Wullie2009

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum, and I hope you enjoy your porridge/porage. I love porridge and eat it most mornings, and I can see that Hidden has given you a link to our Porridge Topic. I hope you'll contribute some photos of yours, if you want to!

Zest :-)

I prefer to use medium oatmeal and soak overnight with dried fruit and seeds. It seems more substantial that rolled oats. Takes a wee bit of planning to remember to put on the soak and in my case I have to cover to stop the cat licking it during the night. Happened to me today so had to have cereal instead.

I too have mine before work. keeps bg right till early afternoon

There are a number of factors that affect how slowly a carbohydrate is broken down to glucose in the body, such as the type of starch, how gelatinised it is, and how large the particles are. The outcome is measured by the Gi, which you can find on the Diogenes database on the Diabetes UK website for example or

Now, the glycaemic load (GL) is the effect the carbohydrate has on blood glucose, and is derived from the Gi divided by 100, multiplied by the amount of available carbohydrate (grammes). The reason I'm telling you this is so that you can appreciate that the amount is at least as important, and in most cases more so, than the speed of absorption.

The less refined a cereal, the better it is likely to be. Even high-fibre cereals such as Weetabix and Shredded Wheat are digested to glucose faster than table sugar in the body.

Then consider milk. We've been advised for decades to choose lower-fat versions of dairy. Skimmed-milk however stimulates more than twice as much insulin as Whole milk for the same GL; a real health negative. Hyperinsulinaemia (high blood insulin) causes insulin resistance that underpins much of society's chronic ill-health.

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