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The Golden Spurtle, best porridge competition an English winner. πŸ₯‡

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Hi everyone,

I think that we have the best porridge on here so as it was World Porridge day last week with the Golden Spurtle competition being held in the Highlands over the weekend I thought that I'd post an article with the winner.

So here's a big congratulations to Lisa Williams who won this years contest a very well deserved proud day.

Please see:

I don't eat Oats so borrowed a photo from the archives by our very own Zest so no plagiarism intended and thank you Zest for the great photo of your super nutritious porridge and sea view from sunnier times.

I still think that we have some the best porridge on here...

Jerry 😊

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Couldn't agree more Jerry, Zest does have some lovely porridge with many different fruits, nuts and seeds - yummy:)

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Hey Alicia Zest deserves a platinum spurtle...😊

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Oh I couldn't agree more Jerry. Zest is the queen of delicious porridge.πŸ˜‹

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Awww, thanks for the lovely comments about my Porridge, I am definitely a Fan of Porridge. :-)

Zest :-)

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The speciality porridge sounds really good! Although so does the basic porridge mix :)

I have some quinoa flakes and rice flakes at home, which can be used instead of porridge. I'll have to remember to say what they're like when I eventually get round to trying them.

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I agree that their porridge sounds good and 3 ingredients for the basic one.

I've made porridge/gruel with quinoa flakes, rice flakes and coarse cornmeal, the coarse yellow cornmeal reminded me of semolina taste wise so I'll be interested how you get on with your GF porridge. 😊

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