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Home made gluten free brown bread with ground quinoa.

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Hi everyone,

I have been experimenting with adding vitamin C to home baked gluten free bread as it is supposed to give it more body. I tried a mix of 1/3 ground quinoa and brown bread flour and this is how it's turned out, normally GF brown bread sinks slightly in the middle especially with a large loaf, I used 1/2 tea spoon of vit C powder and it has come out really well so I'll be experimenting more.

Ground quinoa is coarser than flour so great for bread making as it retains moisture and I use a coffee grinder. 😊

17 Replies
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That looks amazing Jerry and much healthier and tastier than any shop/bakery GF bread

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Thank you Debs, I think it's well worth making the effort. 😊

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Definately - Although I think you make it look easy with your cracking results 😁

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Aw that’s a smashing compliment Debs. πŸ™

Hi Lynn, here’s the recipe I use and it’s 450g GF flour to 400ml of water. I sometimes add 1/2 tea spoon of baking powder with 1/2 to cider vinegar.


I find the white Gf mix rises better so vitamin C powder seems great with a brown bread mix and a plain GF flour like buckwheat or quinoa. 😊

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That looks good enough to eat! Brilliant x

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Thanks Caz28 😊

Thanks, I will try using more baking powder, 😊

What an amazing looking loaf Jerry and I would never of thought about putting vitamins in it. You do have some fab ideas. So much healthier than what's in the shops and definitely worth the effort. πŸ˜€

Hey thanks Alicia, I saw a tub of it in my local whole food shop, it's gluten free vegan and is a healthy addition to bread. So I tried some and it worked first time. πŸ˜€

Here's a link:


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I blitz the sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds into a rough flour consistency and add them to the gf white flour, along with the ground quinoa and ground linseed, instead of putting them on the top of the loaf. It gives the bread a bit more body. I haven't had any sunken middles 😊 Next time I make some, I'll add a bit of vit C too to see if it further improves things.

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This sounds good MTCee , I've never tried grinding sesame seeds but add them to the mix as well as on top. I've also tried roasting pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds to make a GF granary type loaf and it works well but you have to watch them carefully when they're roasting...

I think it's great sharing GF baking tips so thank you. 😊

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Wow that bread looks amazing can you give details on all ingredients and how you made it ? πŸ˜„

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Hi Grannysqua and thank you. 😊

Here's the recipe:

150g quinoa flour (Ground quinoa)

300g gluten free White Bread Flour (I use Doves farm)

30g sesame seeds

30g pumpkin seeds

1 tea spoon sea salt.

2 tea spoons yeast.

1 tea spoon brown sugar.

400ml luke warm water

3 eggs.

1 table spoon olive oil.

I use dried active yeast as some quick acting Yeats contain gluten.

First dissolve the sugar in 100ml boiling water add cold water to 400ml and add the yeast and leave to wake up while you put everything else in a good processor and then add to the rest of the mix and whiz up, Spread into 2 small loaf tins or a large one I made a large loaf with 2 rolls. Leave to prove for approx 30 mins I use my top oven slightly preheated then bake in the main oven for approx 30/35mins. I sprinkle some seeds on top as well.

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Thank you Jerry I think I have a lot to learn and discover I had never heard of quinoa flour I will certainly try to make this and thanks for sharing and as the saying goes you learn something new everyday I’m certainly gaining knowledge on this site can’t wait to taste this bread thanks again πŸ˜€

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Looking for a Gluten Free Vegan Yeast free bread.

Today i ate a store bought bread it was delicious but had yeast. It had chickpea flour, lentils and many more ingredients.

Your bread looks amazing Jerry. Thank you

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Hey thanks learn-2016 thats appreciated. 😊

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