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Getting kids to eat the rainbow

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I’m impressed by the latest promotion by one of our major supermarket chains, Coles. It’s aimed at getting kids to eat more fruit and veggies and includes collectible fruit & veggie figurines, an eat the rainbow poster so kids can tick off the colours they are eating and a bunch of creative recipes. I’ve posted the recipe link here if you have kids or grandkids you’d like to make healthy snacks/meals for.

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Hey this is neat Kaz, because they present healthy eating as fun...😀

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Cute Caterpillars!!! :-)

Zest :-)

I love this idea, because we all know that today's children are not being fed proper meals, by a lot of parents. I know quite a few mum's who are just lazy, and I think they really are not doing their children any favours whatsoever. Yet you can bet your life those mum's were probably brought up on veggies themselves. So this is such a good idea. All people, not just children, should be having a balanced diet, it all so easy to get lazy though, we all do it. Though I don't think I could eat like that everyday. Maybe all supermarkets should get behind this, and promote veggies as the good guys, (or even superheroes) and sweets etc as the bad guys. Children love to have something to aim for, especially if they have a reward at the end of it.

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Kaz747Star in reply to RoseyTB

I’m not sure if they’ve done it in the UK or US but the major supermarkets here all have free fruit for kids at the entrance so parents can give them a banana or apple or pear, etc that they can eat walking (or having a trolley ride) around the shops while their parents are shopping.

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These look fantastic :) I really hope healthy eating catches on with the current childrens generation - I was pretty good until I started school, and peer pressure made me a fussy eater (plus less parental supervision let me spend all my pocket money on sweets)

Delish - great for kids -thanks for link.

Coles need to lower there prices on fruit & veg,now that would be a good start, we found Woolworths was the place to shop & then Aldi was nothing like Aldi in Britain, it was so expensive!

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Kaz747Star in reply to Nugger

I like to buy my fruit & veggies from a green grocer but will occasionally pick things up from Woolies or Coles. Because Woolies is so close I’d probably spend 80-90% of the supermarket budget with the balance at Coles, Aldi & IGA.

We have a produce guy that has a stall at the side of the road, reminds me of the local market back in Britain, I used to grow kale through the winter & take it to him to sell & in exchange I got free veggies, the local Walmart’s can be expensive for certain things like 3 pack of bell peppers $4 in Britain there a quid & imported from holland! Even oranges are expensive here

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