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Gluten free tea loaf ☕️

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Hi Everyone,

This is a really easy to make tea bread and you don't need yeast or fat, it's a variation of an Irish Barm Brack and Tea loaf, some versions add whisky and most use twice as much sugar as me as I don't like things over sweet, here is the recipe I used:

110g Buckwheat flour

110g self raising gluten free flour mix

150g seedless raisins

150g sultanas

1 large free range egg

Optional flaked almonds to scatter on top.

330ml of strong tea using 2 tea bags I used pyrex jug and add 80g soft brown or coconut sugar to the tea with mixed spice cinnamon ginger and leave to soak overnight or for a few hours.

Whiz up all the ingredients in a food processor and depending one whether you want one big cake or a couple of smaller ones pour batter into cake tin/s and bake 175C for 30/35mins for 2 and much longer for a large one, a skewer comes out clean when they're cooked and are best served with butter or a a spread.

With a large one I tend to cover the top with baking foil to stop burning so prefer making 2 as they're cooked quicker and I samples the slice seen here and it hit the mark.

When I first saw this recipe I didn't think it would work especially with gluten free flour but it does for those of you who like baking with wholemeal flour this is an even easier recipe.

Here's Mary Berry's tea loaf:

I know that there's sugar in this but no fat and lots of fruit so I consider this a really healthy cake alternative. 😊

4 Replies
Zest profile image

Hi Hidden

Wow, this looks great! I bet it was very tasty.

I've managed to bake the Mary Berry tea loaf, thanks to your suggestion of the recipe, and I made some slight amendments - I'll post it in a minute so you can see how it turned out. :-)

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest, I look forward to seeing your tea cake, I bet its turned out well. 😊

Agoodenough profile image

This looks wonderful Jerry. I’ve never made a tea cake so will have to give it a go 🙂

in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks Ali, I'm sure that yours will turn out really well as I've seen your baking results...😊

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