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Gluten free Pear and almond slice

Hi everyone, I bought some very large locally grown pears and decided to bake something with 2 of them. I used 170g plain gluten free flour 55g ground almonds 110g Pure plant based butter 55g brown sugar with 2 large pears chopped in chunks. I blended the cake mix first then stirred in the chunks of pear spread it in a greased baking tray covered in flaked almonds and baked for approx 30mins until cooked through.

I’ve just sampled one sitting in the afternoon sunshine, so happy days. 🌞

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Hi Hidden,

Your pear and almond slice looks and sounds fantastic. Thank you for the recipe. I hope you enjoyed it. :-) This is a good idea for this Thursday afternoon. :-)

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Thank you Leah they’re a nice easy recipe especially if you want to bake some with your niece or nephew. 😊

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You're welcome! I think they will be a really good idea for my Nephew and Niece this week since they both will be here all day on Thursday. :-)

Hi Jerry, Your pear and almond slices look absolutely delicious and beautiful over the sun rays. 😁

Thank you for sharing your great gluten free recipe with all of us.😊🙏

I have some strawberries and varieties of berries and this inspires me to make some fruits cake too. 😋👍

Enjoy your wonderful treats on such a peaceful day Jerry! 😇

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Hey thanks Koko as I’ve seen your wonderful creations on VFL and they’re very impressive. So this is really appreciated. 👍😊

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Thank you Jerry, that’s very kind of you to say that. 😊🙏

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

They look delicous Jerry and what a lovely way to spend an afternoon 😁

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Thank you Debs it was very nice having some sunshine and home made cake. 😁

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Hi Hidden

Yum! They look really good.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest as I’ve seen your fruit cakes. 😊

Oh, they look sooo good!

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Thanks for that CBDB 👍

This sounds delicious, just my cup of tea. I wonder if that neighbour still has a box of freebies at her garden gate 🧐

Thanks Callyv It’s my favourite type of cake. 😊

Scrumptious 😻😻😻😻😁😁😁😁

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