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Cut off eating junk food plus sugar

Hi!! I am Candy, my nickname. I am 17 yrs old. I love beauty, to be honest. I try to lose weight as I feel I am kind of obese. I weigh 59.9 kg which is so much. I used to weight 61. Anyhow there is not much difference. I want to lose weight any suggestions please. I work out but to see result it is taking long time. I cut off eating junk food, reduce eating sugar and oily food but still not lose weight. Why?? And I try to get enough sleep from 11:00-6:00 am every day. I have stress but keep out of my brain. I walk a lot for over 10,000steps, take stairs though. If genetics, my dad is a bit fat but he looks good with his muscles. Mum is young and beautiful as she is a beautiful Asian woman. But me I look short and fat. That is horrible!!! I wish to get taller and slim. I try try eating healthy food to lose weight but still don't work ....please give me some suggestion to lose weight 🤔. Whatever I eat, my fat is coming round to my thighs only 😭

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You look very cute in your photo! Are you sure you are overweight? Sometimes young girls think they are fat when they are just perfect. Anyway, sounds like you are doing the right things. I don't eat any sugary foods- that really helps me lose weight. Drink water and eat lots of veggies and salads. Also smoothies are a great snack- frozen fruit and yogurt.

Also not eating in the evening really helps to lose weight! Fast for 12 hours or more per day. You eat your evening meal around 7:30 then do not eat anything until 7:30 the next morning. Its not too hard and you can lose weight that way. Your body burns calories at night when you sleep. BUT if you eat before bed then those calories are burned and you won't be burning fat.

AND make friends with your body. Look at what a beautiful miracle it is. Know that you are very cute and adorable the way you are- liking yourself actually is the best motivation for eating healthy and taking good care of yourself! good luck:)


I appreciate you ❤️and thanks for tr suggestion


Hi there, agree with Poseymint, you look gorgeous in your photo. You are doing the right thing by cutting back on the sugar but also if you like yogurts make sure you buy the plain full fat ones as the flavoured and low fat have far too much sugar in them; you could easily put your own fruit in them. Also, after reading many posts on here and looking on the internet eating too much carbohydrate is also bad for you as it turns into sugar upping your glucose levels.

Also agree with Poseymint re eating late at night (although I do have a healthy homemade flapjack in the evening, naughty I know) and late meals. Good for your tummy to rest for approximately 12 hours before refuelling.

Very best of luck


Thank you for your suggestion and saying me that GORGEOUS ❤️.


You are welcome and I think we all need to learn that our bodies are amazing things and that we can do so much. I love power walking and exercise is definitely my go to to make me feel better.

Well done to you for taking care of your body :)



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