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Recipes and healthy snacks


Hi guys,

I’m wondering if people can maybe give me some of their recipes or foods they like to eat as snacks or instead of dessert?

I’m trying to cut out most fat and carbs but have a normal healthy amount..basically I’m looking to replace a lot of awful foods I did eat beforehand and have healthier snacks etc!

I’d appreciate if anyone could suggest some healthy alternatives to snack foods usually eaten and also meals. I’m a little bit of a fussy eater but would love to try some new things. I’m already quite good with my fruit and veg!


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There's lots of things to try :)

I often make energy balls:

Or you can have apple slices with nut butter, frozen fruit, olives, nuts, small amounts of dried fruit etc.

Laura99 in reply to Cooper27

They look so good! I’m definitely going to try these! Quite a fussy eater so I’ll see how it goes for me haha! Thank you!


Hi Laura99

Jerry did a great poll about this, and collated some posts that people in the Healthy Eating Community had done previously - so this might be a good place to look as well:

Zest :-)

Laura99 in reply to Zest

That’s actually really helpful! Thank you!

FatbuddyHigh Risk

Hello Laura -- do not cut out

fat but replace with good fat.

Yes -- cut carbohydrates to less than 150 grams per day, if

Non - Diabetic.

Join Diabetes India forum and search for LCHF diet posts and recepies.

Eat almonds, walnuts and peanuts

as well as protein bars and veggie


Cut out meat as much as possible

and cut all canned and processed


I enjoy natural yoghurt ( you can get low fat version if you'd like) and berries /chopped fruit. If you want more of a treat you could make a lower sugar crumble using almond flour and some oats for the topping ( you'll still need some fat to make the crumble topping) but you could try coconut oil rather than butter- an apple crumble is really delicious and incorporating nuts into the topping adds healthy fats and protein. Also love the occasional date- instead of a chocolate bar or other processed treat I might have reached for. Or a square of very dark chocolate... X


Through trial and error I have found two small meals and two substantial snacks a day works well for me. My snacks would be around 300 calories, not “low” carb but high fibre. Some examples are:

Scrambled egg or a one egg omelette with roasted veggies or salad and a little cream cheese.

Small slice Vogels wholewheat seeded toast with almond butter

Same toast with cream cheese, feta, or Brie

Full fat plain Greek yoghurt with fruit, usually berries

Nut butter with sliced apple or banana

Cheese as above with fruit

Hummus with sliced veggies or salad, or reheated “left overs” veg.

Re-heated left overs veg with pesto.

I don’t usually enjoy desserts, I cut out added sugars when I was diagnosed prediabetic last year, and though my blood sugars are now back in the healthy range I still find most desserts too sweet. I still miss ice cream even though it doesn’t taste good to me now so for a special treat I partly freeze whipped double cream and mix in some chopped nuts and berries with shavings of very dark chocolate (85% cocoa). Thats only an occasional indulgence not an everyday food!

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