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Sausage meatballs


So today I made meatballs out of sausages. I realised my low fat sausages were going out of date and I really didn’t fancy eating sausages so I decided to make them into meatballs.

I used 3 sausages as I didn’t want pasta, I wanted to have them wiTh my sandwich thins and make it like a meatballs sandwich. Also I preferred to have a treat of motzarella rather than pasta but you can make it with whatever you want want.

First I took the skin off the sausages and placed them in a bowl i then added one tablespoon of garlic granules, half a toublespoon of paprika and a tablespoon of parsley. (I find this ratio was really perfect and tasted very Italian, though you can use whatever herbs you like) I mixed it all up and then fried them, instead of using oil I just put some water in the pan. Once they were browned I put them on tin foil, added my trusty passata and low fat mozzarella. I baked thence for about 30/45 minutes. They were so delicious.

Will deffo be making these again. The great thing is they would make a lovely lunch too in a smaller portion.

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Forgot to say it all came to 488 calories


Hi Ywxxx

That's a great idea - and they look really good. Yum!

Zest :-)

Ywxxx in reply to Zest

Thank you, it was lovellyyyyyy. That passata is so diversible. Must have in the fridge

Looks great. I was planning make meatballs tonight. Now it is a definite plan. Thanks Granni B

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