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I have just received my thyroid result from Dr today, want to increase me levothroxine to 50mg as reading is still high, however when I spoke to Dr today, he advised me that I have borderline high blood pressure and I have chronic kidney disease stage 3, I asked since when,we his reply April 2013 and he only told me today. Dr suggested a scan, blood test, urine test etc, I am appalled that I am only being told about this today and now I'm questioning whether to continue taking levothydoxine as that can damage kidneys. Totally confused and anxious.

11 Replies
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You must be How on earth have they managed not to tell you till now I would think that your better taking thyroid meds till you talk your concerns with gp Our thyroids determine so much within our bodies

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Gemmadoo in reply to Vonnieruth

Thank you. In shock.

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Vonnieruth in reply to Gemmadoo

That's terrible to only find out today

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Have you checked out the CKD group also on HU?

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Gemmadoo in reply to Activity2004

Not yet, I will now, thank you.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Gemmadoo

You’re welcome!😀 Go to the Browse Communities box and you will find the CKD group. You can follow the group then post postings and comments when you’re ready.

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If you pop over to the thyroid forum, and repost, others may have experienced the same and be able to help further,

My kidney and liver function blood test keeps coming back borderline, GP’s makes nothing of it though.

After doing further research it appears it is thyroid related.

Best wishes


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Gemmadoo in reply to Peanut31

Thank you.

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Gemmado-I have been dealing with hypothyroid for decades. Over the last 10 years my Tsh has been fluctuating in large waves, making me change my synthroid dose generally between 200 and 300.

Getting your thyroid into balance is very important. Thyroid affects everything in your body down to the cellular level, including your PSA.

I suggest that u ask to test your thyroid antibodies to see if u ,like me ,have a thyroid autoimmune case. Also, it is very important that u not take the generic of synthroid , only the brand as there is a subltle difference, one your body sees

I get my TSH checked quarterly, just had to make another change in my synthroid dose level.

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Gemmadoo in reply to podsart

Hi Podstart, thank you.

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I had graves disease (overactive thyroid) in 1992 and had surgery to remove it as it had caused a goiter. I then became underactive and took thyroxine for a couple of years then the thyroid grew back! I then had to go to the Christie hospital for radio iodine which destroyed my thyroid completely. I've been on thyroxine since about 2000 and my dose has been changed dozens of times. I've taken up to 250 mmgs but I'm now taking 125mmgs. I've never had an issue with my kidneys but now have been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver despite being tea total. I know that you're on a low dose of thyroxine but I'd continue to take it.

I think you need to ask why you have never been told about your kidney disease it's completely out of order that they took the decision to not tell you.

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