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Health kick has worked against me

8 months ago I was 16st 5lbs, did little exercise and drank too much. I had an ankle brachial pressure index test for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and all was fine. Over the next 8 months I lost THIRTY pounds, exercised a lot more, stopped all bread, alcohol, biscuits and cakes.

I then had a repeat Ankle Brachial Pressure Index test for Peripheral Arterial Disease and I now have possible abnormal vessel hardening.

In July I had a PLAC ( Lp-PLA2) test and was 'borderline risk'.

I continued to lose weight (July i was 15stone) through diet and exercise.

In October I had another PLAC test and my risk had increased.

Just what am I doing wrong and what should I do next? (My GP had never heard of a PLAC test)

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Unfortunately - life is neither logical nor fair. People who have never smoked get lung cancer. People who are fit, not overweight, have low cholesterol, good blood pressure - have heart attacks. My Doctor calls me his fittest Heart patient!!! I have calcification in my heart arteries. But - I am fit , can run for miles, not overweight and can tie up my shoes while standing on one leg at age 70 :) Who knows if I will reach 71 - but I still will continue to maintain my fitness and weight.


Surely just supplement with vitamin D, omega 3, niacin, vitamin C etc? There's a few websites that list what you need to do....


what does vit c do ?/


Perhaps you could look at your lifestyle and particularly the stress levels?

As an example, men who drive for a living release adrenalin in stressful moments on the road. In times past, we humans would turn and run or fight the things that worried us but modern man is unable to burn off this "fight and flight" fuel that is released into the blood as a result of the stress and tension.

A sit-down job allows this fat or cholesterol just to sit in the blood vessels and to eventually build up on the insides (think of fat going down a sink-drain and furring up the pipes as it cools off).

One solution might be to practise some relaxation techniques - deep breathing, meditation, yoga etc so the adrenalin isn't produced...but maybe not whilst you are driving!


if you can take your breaks and close your eyes, avoid people, listen to music ,

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I am going to get some yoga videos....

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