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Help required


Good afternoon, I’m 20 years old and I am seriously over weight and I need help to change that. My curent weight is 272 and my weight goal is 170. I have tried many diets and gyms but I guess I never stick long enough to see results in the past years my lowest weight was 240.

The reason why I gain weight easily is that I eat my emotions out. So when I’m down I eat which I need help changing. Also I feel like my weight stops me from being myself I have a few friends and I feel if I was skinnier I would have more friends and enjoy more.

Please help me find diets or routines that can help me

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Hi Bee98

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. For weight loss, I would recommend joining the 'NHS weight loss forum' here on Healthunlocked, and a link is here:

They have regular weigh-ins (optional and free), plus they are a very friendly and supportive community.

Have a look around our various Topics and posts as well - to see if anything interests you here, and I'd like to wish you success with your goals.

Zest :-)

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Thank you


You have to control your dietary habits.Food is the most important. Follow lchf keto range diet.Carbs <50 g a day.Include exercise too in your health plan.Drop sugary foods. Try yoga & meditation to control your emotions. Eat coconut, dry fruits etc at that time. You can achieve much more than your expectations.

Gud luk.

Hi Bee98. The summer is here & try going for a walk after meals, Really good luck & do your bes.

I would suggest you have agoat the the couch to 5k, I believe it's a great starting point for people who want to start getting in shape.

Just adding to this point: I started at a similar weight to you and personally found the C25K too hard on my joints at that weight. I started walking the C25K programme instead alternating between slow and brisk walking instead of walking and running. Just a suggestion!

The easiest and most natural way for your body to lose weight is a whole food plant based lifestyle with low oils. There is no calorie counting, no worries about shortage of an nutrients, instead just a wide range of fruits, veg, legumes and grains. Much can be eaten raw, so no cooking. Cleaning is a cinch because of the low fat, just soak away in water. No ovens to clean from oil splatter.

The reason it is easy to lose weight is low calorie densiity. I used to be overweight (for my height etc) at 90kg and without any effort (incl no exercise) have now dropped to 72kg. This is totally different from my 60 odd years of life before where I could never keep my weight under control. That's my personal experience of weight loss, which is backed by so manhy people finding spontaneously they also lose weight.


You might want to check out Lots of personal stories, recipes, meal plans, lots of info on the low carb high fat (LCHF) way of eating. The big deal is to stop the processed, grain-based crud marketed as "food" and start eating the real thing! Good luck to you.

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