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Gluten free seeded jalapeño bread take 2...

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Hi everyone,

I had another go at making jalapeño bread today and made a large loaf and 3 rolls, this time I just added diced jalapeño peppers with a little ginger (just for an extra taste tickle) to my gf bread mix. Seed wise I used poppy, sesame, pumpkin and linseeds.

Here's my bread recipe just with peppers and ginger:

I'm very pleased with how its turned out too.

I hope you all enjoy your evening. 😊

13 Replies
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Hi Hidden

This Seeded Jalapeno Bread looks absolutely delicious!!! Wow! I bet it tastes amazing. :-)

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest, I prefer how its turned out this time. 😊

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Zest in reply to

"Extra taste tickle" - I really like that phrase!!! :-)

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I love the idea jalapeño bread. I think I am going to get some gf flour and do something similar. It looks fab!

in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks Ali, you'd enjoy it. 😊

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The bread looks really fantastic! Really great close up picture, too, Hidden ! :-)

in reply to Activity2004

Thank you Leah, I really like close up photos...😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Same here, but I sometimes don’t have a choice (the items don’t fit well with close up views!). 😀

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That looks wonderful Jerry, as always 😋

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Thank you Debs, may be there are advantages to having to make my own bread. 😊

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to

Definately - your bread is the best 😊

in reply to Kitten-whiskers

What a lovely compliment Debs. 😊

Thanks Elliott, I love seeded bread. 😊

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