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Photo's of your home grown fruit veg and herbs wanted please...πŸπŸ…πŸ₯•

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Hi everyone,

We have one member a happychappy 😊 who regularly posts smashing photo's of exotic fruit and veggies and next month is National Allotment Month. Often we find out about these things too late, so this is giving a heads up to those of you who grow your own:

Now it doesn't matter if its in a pot or an allotment whats matters is its home grown and being into healthy eating I think home grown is best.

We have a new Topic section: 'Home grown fruit/veg' so please feel free to post photo's of anything you've grown under there, from a prize marrow to a herb in a pot it doesn't matter.

I love all the photo's of members meals too, so thank you all and I think photo's of 'our' home grown goodies would be a great addition to HE 😊

Here's a photo of some home grown cherries. πŸ’

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lovely cherries Jerry they look great. nice and plump.

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Thanks grace111, they're my next door neighbours but they grow over my fence...😊


Lovely cherries, Jerry - and great idea on Topic secions of 'Home-grown fruit/veg' - will look forward to seeing everyone's photos.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest, I think lots of us really like happcook1's photo's too so kets gets some more and keep them together, well thats the plan LOL. 😊

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