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What you eat affects your gut bacteria

What you eat affects your gut bacteria

Often people coming from a primarily meat-based diet will find challenges as they transition to a plant-based one. They may feel bloated, have more wind and other symptoms. There is a reason for this. It is about the bacteria inside your gut biome.

According to nature.com/articles/nature1... the animal-based diet increased the abundance of bile-tolerant microorganisms (Alistipes,Bilophila andBacteroides) and decreased the levels of Firmicutes that metabolize dietary plant polysaccharides (Roseburia, Eubacterium rectale and Ruminococcus bromii).

To put a more tangible way of understanding this, the study took a look at bile acid in stools (see image). This indicated that bile acid increased with animal based diet, whereas with plant-based there was no significant change.

Changes to your gut can take a few days, or for some people a few weeks. But whatever timescale those changes will happen and you will feel better as a result.

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Hi happycook, I'm not a vegan but have an infinity with vegans as I avoid some dairy and often bake gluten free and dairy free.

Now you say that you're lucky as you think that you look good but what about people who have eaten themselves into obesity and have ended up with type 2 diabetes because of poor dietary choices and are very unhappy with themselves. I bet they wish that they could do yoga yet alone look good.

The interest in a plant based diet has increased radically in the last 18 months and we have to move with the times. Its gone from 500K UK vegans to 3.5million in 18 months.

To me the secret is to accept and respect each others healthy eating choices as thats 'our' common interest.

Jerry 😊


I agree with Jerry. I also think British society favour too much on looking "healthy" whilst they ought to realise that there are people, who may not look too well, it's because people have illnesses. Some sick people avoid going out in case they get harassed by the way they LOOK! It's about time people would get that. Ignorance in society sometimes gets too silly. What is it about people who practice Yoga? People can look as they LIKE, they are not there to please you or being your eye candy!


Why not help the duck feel good as well, then it is a win-win. planticize.com/recipes/peki...


hoisined by its own petard?


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