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You are not alone


I started having the exact symptoms ure describing since 4 years, I tried to have carb /sugar free diets but the same ,after dinner I crash on the sofa and they cant wake me up and even if its noisy I dont wake up and even if I wanted I cant wakeup, I noticed one thing whenever this happens After I wakeup I get a bowl movement so Im having doubts that my vagus nerve might have something to do with this, the question is how to solve this issue????

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Not sure what post this was a response to, but it's probably reactive hypoglycemia.

There could be a whole bunch of reasons for that, but the most likely one is that you're insulin-resistant and you still had some carbs in your meal. Insulin resistance has two aspects: a) your cells are ignoring the insulin signal to take up glucose [from carbs] and b) your pancreas attempts to compensate by over-reacting to dietary carbs with a vast insulin spike. If you reduce (rather than eliminate) carbs, you'll get exactly the effect you describe. What's happened is that you've reduced your carb intake to a level that your body can actually deal with, but your pancreas is still over-reacting.

The solution is to fix your insulin resistance. You do this by giving your body few (or no) reasons to produce insulin, while providing plenty of fat for energy instead:

Once you've re-calibrated your insulin response - which for most people takes a month at most - you'll be able to slowly start re-introducing carbs and you won't get that crash.

Just as a reminder:

1) Get tested for diabetes before you do this. You may actually be so seriously insulin-resistant that you're classed as diabetic. The protocol is broadly the same for diabetics, but you need to do it with a doctor's supervision.

2) It's absolutely crucial to replace missing carb calories with fat calories. It's probably the #1 mistake people make on low-carb: not realising that your body still need some source of energy, and if it's not carbs, it has to be fat.

You may not be eating enough fats make sure you eat eggs, chees, butter, cream and your carbs are less than 20g anything that grows under the ground has carbs in good foods are avocado, broccoli, bacon, cauliflower you could check out there are lots of videos and helpful information on there about changing to a low carb diet. It is normal to initially have tiredness, headaches etc but as the body starts to feed on the far you will stop feeling hungry and have more energy. Salt is also necessary or make a bone broth or some boillion which helps.

Go and see your doctor and be checked out. It could be something or nothing, but you need to see a professional.

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