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Cassava flour tortillas


I made some cassava flour tortillas at the weekend, less like tortilla wraps, but exactly like chappatis! I've missed bready things since going gluten free, so it was nice to have something that wasn't obviously gluten free. I thought I'd share the recipe, as they are gluten free/vegan/paleo, and might appeal to some here:

I'll be bringing them out next time I make a curry :)

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Hi Cooper27

Your Cassava flour tortillas sound great! They will go perfectly with a curry.

Zest :-)

Love cassava roasted and Bammy when I can eat them so I’ll definitely try this in the future. Thanks for sharing :)


Hi Cooper27, your cassava tortilla's sound really good to me so thanks for posting a link, I buy Cassava in a local Asian shop so will try these out. And they sound perfect for a salad to me as well as curry...😊

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