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Lovely Quorn Curry for Dinner tonight

I have made a lovely curry today which is a recipe for a chicken curry but as I don't eat meat I have swapped chicken for Quorn. I found the recipe in a magazine and it also has butternut squash, garlic, chillies (I only used one as I don't like too much heat), garam masala, red pepper, onions, ginger, tinned tomatoes and Greek style yoghurt (I'm sure I am right with the ingredients.

I tried a little bit on a spoon earlier and it tastes lovely.

Enjoy your meals tonight all. :)

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Looks lovely! Is Quorn nice? I stopped eating meat in February & am looking for meat substitutes - not a big fan of tofu. 🙂

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It was lovely and I really like Quorn, it's really good in curries. 😀

This looks really delicious Alicia, with really lovely ingredients so you enjoy it. 😊

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Thank you Jerry, it was lovely and I had Quinoa with it. 😀

That Quorn Curry looks really good, Alicia. I hope you enjoy it.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest, it was lovely. 😀

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