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Wonder juice!

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Juice drink creator claims you can regrow arms and limbs through juicing and raw food diet. 🤔

Also claims her juicing protocol will cure cancer (which she says "is a fungus"), reverse Down's Syndrome, and, perhaps worst off, "cure homosexuality."


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Ok 😂

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Awesome, i enjoyed that :)

Sadly people have died through believing that "cancer is fungus" and similar woo.

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I'm going to watch that tomorrow. Night night. :-)

Zest :-)

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If she says so...

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What's really scary is people are believing this nonsense

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Absolutely unbelievable......literally 😂 A person who thinks that a small cut being healed....only by drinking her juice....it wouldn't have happened naturally 🤔 Therefore means a person could easily regrow a limb if they just drank enough of her juice. She also readily admits she has no medical training and has conducted no scientific trials....no, really? It's good entertainment for those of us who know it's nonsense, but it's also worrying that there are people out there who believe their own delusions so completely that they actively aim to influence vulnerable people into following their advice.

You mean its not true...LOL...😎

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Yes, and that she could get on national televison. Whilst you would like to think the majority of people would laugh at the absurdity of it, I am sure there is no shortage of people who will have taken this at abslute face value and been convinced it is the 'truth the big medical conspiracy is hiding from us'. The antivaxxer, flat Earth, chemtrail brigade will be flooding her with orders.

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Quite terrifying..... but the interviewer did point out the lack of evidence, credentials, and expressed his horror at the suggestion of a “homosexuality cure”. There will always be snake oil sellers. At least this way, some light has been shed on the subject.

Very worrying when there are people out there that would believe in these kind of claims.

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