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Lactose intolerant

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Hi everyone I'm saeeda.i have colieac disease and also lactose intolerant but have only been treated for my colieac. Today after seeing my gp I was told I need to be seen by my dietician for both problems.i don't know how I will cope with the lactose free diet πŸ™ˆ.can anybody tell me how it is an started

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Hi Saeeda, now it could be that your villi has not recovered yet as gluten attacks the villi and it takes time for it to recover, this is important as lactate the enzyme that breaks down gluten is produced at the tips of our villi so damaged villi = lactose intolerance and with many coeliac it is only temporary.

A lactose free gluten free diet is do-able and very do-able the more time and effort you are prepared to put into getting it right and healthy at the same time.

There are many plant based alternatives, like soy, rice, coconut and the same goes for cheese, creams and custards. They even sell a gluten free egg replacer for baking.

If you check the topics there are gf and vegan recipes under topics gf and vegan on here and HU have a vegan site and there's gf vegan recipes on there:

So don't worry we'll help you get started.

Jerry 😊

SID123 in reply to Jerry

Thanks so much for your helpful reply Jerry. I really do hope that this new diet that I will have to start soon will be easier than I'm thinking


If you want to stay with cow’s milk, you can get lactose free milk from any large supermarket, along with lactose free yoghurt. You may be able to tolerate some cheeses which are low in lactose.

As Jerry has said, it’s very do-able, so try not to worry.

SID123 in reply to Penel

Thanks for your reply penel. The milk and yoghurt part u mentioned sounds good

Some lactose intolerant people are ok with kefir, if, their issue is lactose rather than caseine. You'd have to try it to see how you feel.

There are lots of tasty milk substitutes, thugh they're expensive for the amount of nutrition they contain. If you have 15-20 minutes to spare, a few times a week, it;s easy to make your own. There are also lots of vegan cheeses available, & these can be made, too.

SID123 in reply to BadHare

Yes your advice makes sense il just have to spend more and try making my own

Take lactase enzymes for 3 months..

They digest "lactose"

SID123 in reply to xOceanx

πŸ‘πŸΌ little_toad

Cheese should be mature..not the packet type. Also watch ice cream i have problems with that ..and dark chocolate is OK but not to much.

SID123 in reply to pepepoo

Dark chocolate πŸ™ˆ but Ice cream I try to avoid as it rises my glucose levels as I'm diabetic. Thanks for your reply pepepoo

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