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Bone Broth Simmer


Hello :) , i am suffering from ulcerative colitis, and im doing bone broth with a pressure cooker, high pressure option for 90 minutes, recently i learned in order to get the full benefit of bone broth, i should simmer it for 48 hours, however i live in an area where the electricity is given for 4 hour intervals, so 4 hours of electricity, and 4 hours of no electricity and so on, hence, being able to simmer the bones according to the electricity's availability, is it safe to simmer for 48 hours under such condition ?

A side note : my pressure cooker wont fit the fridge.

P.S there's no gas option :) . and thanks in advance for ur thought's


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i live in a very hot country also. and i dont think i would take the chance to keep leaving meat out the fridge even you leave the lid on and it does take 2 hours to cool hate to think what was going on inside that pot untill you put it back on heat again.

i dont beleave you get the best out the bones if you cooking it for 24 hours or 48 hours... just someones idea that's all.

i haven't used one of those cookers in many years but when i did i to would use bones for broth..but never more then 30 minutes.

wish you all the best there in Lebanon.

HelpReceiver in reply to Hidden

theres no best in Lebanon unfortunately haha, i think im gonna skip on the slow cooker thing and stick with the pressure cooker, got no choice but thx anyway for the advice i do appreciate it

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