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Baked Vegetables with Feta and pumpkin seeds πŸ₯• baked potato and tomato πŸ…

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Good evening everyone, here's what I had for tea tonight its baked veggies, white onion, fennel, baby carrots, curly kale, sweet red pepper and mushrooms with a Feta cheese and pumpkin seed topping, the topping was lovely as I don't usually add cheese with pumpkin seeds and the kale was crunchy so with the onions and fennel it had lots of flavour. I seasoned it with ginger, coriander and cumin.

Enjoy your evening now everyone 😊

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Wow ur baked veggies looks delicious.When I bake mine,I marinate them with paprika,rosemary,mixed herbs,crushed garlic cloves,salt,pepper & olive oil.I sprinkle oil in a baking tray & leave it in the oven to heat while pre heating the oven.It really makes vegetables crispy..😊

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Hey thanks and that’s a great tip for crunchy baked veg so thanks again. 😊

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Your meal looks really delicious - colourful too. Yum! :-)

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest, 😊

That looks pretty tasty Jerry. I never put feta cheese in any bake but it sounds a good idea. In my style of veggies roast, I would also have lot of non-peeled garlics and some whole red chillies.

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Thank you too Luckystar and good tip about the chillies and garlic, 😊

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