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Apple Cider Vingar and Water

Apple Cider Vingar and Water

Hello :)

recently installed Reverse Osmosis, and a big, about 15 liters glass container next to it, so i can fill the RO water in it, is it safe to add apple cider vinegar in the big container ? , how much should i add, and for how long can it last ?

P.S the RO company told me to fully replenish water every 2 days.

Thank You in advance whom ever is going to answer me :D

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I've never heard of a reverse osmosis water filter before, & had to look it up. :) I think it's a similar thing to the attachment a friend has on his drinking water tap.

I'm unsure how much the beneficial bacteria in ACV will react when diluted & left to stand, as it settles to the bottom of the bottle. Being diluted, its acidity will be lower, so it could become food for harmful bacteria whilst it's sat in the water jar, which could end up growing in the spout. Just in case, it might be best to add your ACV to a glass of your filtered water at the time you're going to drink it, rather than the jar.

I use a jug with a four weekly filter change, & refill the water several times a day. just as a precaution, I flush it through & discard the first filtered water if it's been left for more then 24 hours.


ahh alrighty then its a no go, and i do see ur point, does makes sense that it would either go bad or have minimal effect due to prolonged period of stay, so ill just add in in my cup of water then ! , and thx loads for the info !!!!!

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You're welcome! :)


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