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Stuck on life

It’s like I’m stuck on weight loss after 185pound loss I know it’s me I still eat healthy I still journal my foods. It’s been over 1 1/2 years but I find it hard to not over eat on size of portion. I don’t know why I’m always hungry. I having to work to get off antidepressant, plus got dentures which is every painful I feel like my tongue is to big for my mouth now. And trying to learn to eat with them. The weather is so cold always trying to get warm. My feet hurt from having diabetes for many year. But my reading are great down to three times a month on insulin now. Health is great. It’s the over eating. I’m sick of eating soft foods but I have to learn to eat with dentures. I’m eating a lot of beans which I got to watch the carbs on them I’m mostly not meats. Thinking about turning vegan but there’s a lot more carbs going that way. Getting off the depression pills is no fun can’t fall asleep to good. I’m always crabby i can stand my self I’m so crabby but don’t want to go back on the pill it’s hard to get off the withdraws is not fun. They don’t tell you that part when they give u them I was on the for 15 years.

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Take a look at Chris Kresser's website for advice re eating well for diabetes & mental health.

An important start is having a healthy digestion & good gut health which helps balance our nutrient intake & hormones. Here's one article for starters: He's also pro paleo, which doesn't suit my veggie diet, though you may feel better for adopting a high fat, low carbohydrate diet, which is helpful for managing diabetes. This post is for eating for type 2: Michael Mosley's Blood Sugar website is great, too.

I once heard the complaint that veggie food doesn't need to be eaten with a knife, though I don;t find that a bad thing. I eat lots of soups & stews which are just the right thing for keeping warm in the winter, & often use a hand blender to save chopping time. Make sure you eat a variety of veg, beans & lentils of different colours as they contain different nutrients. Also make sure you're supplementing for nutrients you might not get from your diet such as iron & B12. The Vegan & Vegetarian Societies have lots of good advice, so perhaps peruse those websites when you have time.

I like this fact sheet for easy information, though I don't eat meat, & keep my starch portions on the small side.

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Hey gorgeous,

Sounds like a really rough time you've been through throughout the years! You should be so proud that you have gotten off the antidepressants, I know how addictive they are! My best advice is to try and improve your gut health, as this will in turn help everything else! To start of with i'll give you three easy steps.

1. warm fresh lemon water in the morning, helps set up the digestive system

2. buy a good probiotic (one you keep in the fridge) two in the morning before you eat anything

3. either make or buy a good quality bone broth, you can freeze this into serving sizes for later. Have this either in a soup or like a tea

This will take time but if you're feeling sick after a meal or bloated I highly recommend doing theses ASAP and especially since you've been on antidepressants that unfortunately breaks down your gut wall. So you'll need to build that back up!

Hope this helps

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Thank you still fighting the withdraw


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