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'Long Life' Pie, very good in fact.

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Dear All,

Today I 'uncanned' a Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney 'Long Life' Pie. For anyone who doesn't know these pies are Cooked IN the Tin, after the 'top' is removed. Actually it was 'Far From Bad' especially with New Potatoes, cooked in their skins and some Brussel Sprouts. (I made an 'stock cube gravy, using the Sprout water)

If you haven't Tried, these Pies, I would Recommend you do. They come in several flavours, all just cooked in the oven- I put some milk, on the top, prior to cooking it.

Surprisingly Good and Very Easy to prepare, the pie is simply 'served from the tin.


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I used to think of them as a special treat, they were surprisingly very nice...haven't had in decades and their very expensive here as they are imported.. am just off out shopping and will buy a dozen frozen minced beef and onion pies that I like to keep for quick meals. Glad you enjoyed your pie AndrewT😊

they are extremely good.

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Just come come back from shopping and was looking at them but resisted the temptation as I went there to buy their frozen minced beef and onion pies, am having some regrets now that I didn't buy one for the old times memories. Next time I will buy the original steak kidney 😊

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Hi AndrewT

I have definitely eaten those pies, but haven't had one for a long time. I'm glad you enjoyed it with those new potatoes and brussel sprouts. Yum!

Zest :-)

Hi Andrew it's all right if you can get the top of the tin one may have starved before 😁😻

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AndrewT in reply to

I use a good 'Old Fashioned' Wind Round can opener...... Ok a bit 'Fiddly' but not too bad.


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Yes the metal long ones well mam's pie is like is 🤗

Has a bottom too much really were cutting down we eat too much
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Catgirl1976 in reply to

How's Pixie this morning as you said he hasn't been very well the other day!

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Hi cat vet gave thorough exam his eyes were waterring still are which is allergy he's on off In summer but as there was skin on corners not inflammed means a cats unwell vet said could indicate worms as he's been out few nights catching mice as I couldn't get him in when it's hot and so I got a tablet which cost 48 pound can't get it down him he's had some of the salmon I mixed it with crushed then added sardine then tuna I'm going to get another tablet and give him half with a special shringe gun his flee drops are due too but can't put them on until he's had tablet I just want him well before gets any worst must get the tablet down just off now he won't need to go was nightmare in car but he was good with vet he's sleeping a lot but ok in himself wants to go out best not say too much as going off food topic he had bit herring off his nana too his drank the juice off sardine hope baby ok how did your interview go 🤗😻

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The interview was a right joke but I tried my best anyway as I think they are all good experience to go through!

I was happy when they said I hadn't got the job as I don't think I would have enjoyed working there anyway!

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Well that's one good thing to be honest I won't be on here much I I am confused about what I'm allowed to say some say I've had lot of picture and messages taken off so please be carefull involve food on your conversation I noticed one you sent to bazzak about his cats got removed he wasn't ignoring he he didn't see it I'm stressed right now but got a new tablet down gave him half not bazzak pixie lol as think he eat half the food it knocked him out I just want him to get better I take on his sufferring and it's Argyll having runny eyes and if he's got worms in him I'm having salmon and salad new taties for tea pixie had half tin sardines without tablet he hid from the dish with the tablet in it was hard but he was good and managed to get new tablet well half as thinking he already had half in shringe with water I'm surprised how placid he was I love him so much when I went down early hours for him as I woke early and he wasnt next to me as had to lock him downstairs as his urge to go out was unbearable I couldn't bear the thought of him on his own and I missed him well we ended up snuggles up on bed I slept with arm round him as he kicked me snug so close 😻🤗

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Well we have just had dinner tonight and decided on chicken and rice from the store cupboard which we enjoyed.

Baby is well and is getting bad tempered over the heat!

That's nice salmon and New tatties for your tea as Baby likes salmon and sardines as well in her dish!

We weren't sure whether or not to have salmon from the cupboard or chicken but decided on chicken and rice.

Perhaps we will do salmon and rice tomorrow for our lunch.

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Pixie has enjoyed more sardines his tablet mocked him out but after good sleep he's now tryner get bath panel off he's desperate to get out I need to see his poo in litter tray to check worms it's good sine he's active bless him he's been so good not at all violent even when I prised his mouth open to put the shringe in I gave him tuna in between so helped lol he's here now on bed licking my leg for attention snug now bless him he's hot I'll open window tonight if baby a bit deaf she may be ok with electric cold fan 😻

Have you tried the Quorn individual fake steak pies ? They are really excellent and vegetarian, not sure if they’re vegan as they used to have egg white. Again glaze and cook in the oven. Absolutely delicious .

No I haven't but I may, very well, do so. Thank you.


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Pastry has too much sat fat you'll get cholestrol well all things in moderation mam used cold pressed rapseed oil low in sat fat, pork pies are lethal mam had 95 percent block in heart from eating 2 pork pies chocolates and beef one one Xmas her cholestrol was over 6 mines 4.3 my sister had to go on statins gets 6.2 mine goes up when I put weight on 🤗😻

Dear Anime45,

the 'secret' to cooking these pies, is to Pierce the pastry a few times.... it helps the heat to circulate. I also add/ brush a little milk, on the top, before cooking - I then rotate, the pie, as it cooks. It is important to make sure the Oven is HOT and the pie, is cooked, at the Top.

I hope that this 'helps' next time.


I have had those and find they are great for standby in the store cupboard!

I can also add an endorsement to this! they just go in the cupboard and are good for a couple of years if unopened. along with Spam, Corned Beef and canned fish!Happy memories of childhood!

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Midori

Yes those items are great to keep for standby in the cupboard!

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