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Living a long life - here's hoping.

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Just found this web site - very interesting indeed.

A newbie here - retired with a background in science research ( heavy industry) and been an advocate of healthy eating and lifestyle for many many years. I was a onetime regular runner with my workmates who were also into a healthy lifestyle and we had our fingers on the pulse of current advice. I don't have any questions as yet but will try to give sound advice if I can.

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Hi RogerRocket,

Excellent that you've joined us in the Healthy Eating community, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of it. Great that you enjoyed regular running in the past - do you still dabble with the running?

Look forward to seeing your contributions to the community, and hope you have a lovely weekend.

Zest :-)

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RogerRocket in reply to Zest

Hello Zest,

Thanks for the nice welcome.

Have had to give up on the running after 30 years. Just had a total knee replacement and will probably have the other one done in the near future. As my running pals used to say you have got to have "P.M.A" ( positive mental attitude ) so keeping active is a main priority for me. I will be 70 at the end of this year.

My user name is a nickname I picked up at my local swimming pool. I go in the fast lane and chase anyone who thinks they are faster. It is great fun and it keeps me in touch with my friends.



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ZestStar in reply to RogerRocket

It's a great nickname, and swimming is great exercise! Glad you enjoy it, and hope you are recuperating ok after your total knee replacement. Hope you're going to celebrate your big Birthday at the end of this year. :-)

Hi Roger...been an advocate for healthy eating since I wasnt feeling well 18 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing other than not buying anything on the shelves that had ingredients I didnt understand or recognize. I also try to use natural care products as well. And cleaned bleach and other cleaning products out of my home. Installed an all house filter as well.

Its been a long journey, and the most recent eating program I joined was good fats, no grains and vegetables, and meat allowed( no pork)

I was diagnosed with low end lupus 4 years ago, and still not on medicine.

I try to eat non inflammatory foods (no night shade veggies).My digestion is not good, I take probiotics, and enzymes and herbs for inflammation reduction.

I have scarred kindeys so I need to watch my magnesium and potassium intake. My sodium is high. My liver started bothering me after this high fat diet of avocados and coconut milk and oil.

Any recommendations offered would be great. I had to cut back.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this subject.

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RogerRocket in reply to Natura

Hello Natura,

The very latest research has shown that populations that include Kefir in their diet have fewer incidences of digestive problems and improved general health.

Google the benefits of Kefir.

By drinking Kefir you will improve the numbers of and types of gut bacteria.

You can make Kefir yourself from Kefir grains. Once you have some grains you will become self sufficient and never have to buy them again.

Kefir is regarded as a cousin to yoghurt. The difference is that the healthy bacteria in yoghurt cannot survive past stomach acids and so do not pass to the gut. On the other hand the billions of colony forming bacteria in for example a teaspoon of Kefir will survive the stomach acidity and improve the healthy population of gut bacteria. In fact the bacteria from Kefir will have a very negative effect on any unhealthy gut bacteria so digestive problems will improve.

I make my own Kefir by adding grains to skimmed milk and waiting for it to thicken up as the bacterial colonies grow. The straw coloured liquid can either be drunk ( not a very nice taste ) or poured off. I use the grains in a smoothie adding fruit and ginger and a little cream - very nice tasting.

I suggest you read up on this - especially a book by a Professor Spector. I'm in the process of moving house at the moment and all of my books are packed in boxes but can get back to you on this book when we move.

I am a follower of the Mediterranean Diet ( not too strictly though). A treat now and again is perfectly fine.

Professor Spectre's latest book is a real eye opener regarding the relationship of gut bacteria to general health and the professor also appears to be an advocate of the Med. Diet.

Best wishes


Hi Roger, where do you buy your kefir grains from please? I am struggling to find them.



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RealEyes in reply to Natura

Hi Natura ... I was wondering how you learned that you had 'scarred kidneys' as you mentioned in your post ? There is kidney disease in my family and I have been told it is hard to diagnose symptoms about the kidneys - until they are really hurting. Thanks for any info you can share on that Natura from realeyes ** :)

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Natura in reply to RealEyes

Hi Realeyes...I had a very nice sono nurse. Ha. I was actually getting a sono of my gall bladder because the dr thought i had stones. Dont remember what my symptoms were then. I asked her if she could sono my kidneys while she was doing my gall bladder. I thought something might be wrong since i had trouble urinating and pain in my back in thekidney area.

i found it interesting that one kidney was bigger than the other. Cortical calcification in the right kidney, which may represent scarring. And a lobular contour in the left kidney which may represent an area of scarring.

What I found even funnier was my GP read the report , and said that doesnt mean they are scarred. Ugh!

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RealEyes in reply to Natura

Glad to hear from you Natura and thanks for your sharing about your kidneys experience. When you say 'sono' - what do you mean by that ? is that like an ultrasound ? Me being from northamerica and not sure where you are from - maybe it is same procedure with different name. not sure on that -

Calcification sounds like it could lead to kidney stones - which, i guess, could lead to scarring, too.

Sometimes, doctors are so unhelpful - especially when they overlook possible major issues that affect our lives ! thanks again for sharing Natura and Happy Spring time to you, realeyes **

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Natura in reply to RealEyes

Realeyes...I am in Northamerica. Ha. It was an ultrasound. I always call it sono for short. I have my own dictionary of words. Lol.

It sounds like you know what calcification means? Could you share some more of your knowledge on the subject.


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RealEyes in reply to Natura

Thanks Natura - I thought you meant ultrasound ... and, it sounds like i ought to have one of those done for me, too. In regards to calcification - it sounded like it could be related to kidney stones as i think 'stored' calcium in the kidneys is what makes up most kidney stones (there must be other stuff, too!). Since I am not a doctor I am just 'guessing' in regards to what i have read and learned in the past. A family member of mine has kidney disease and has been on dialysis for many years. I am concerned that kidney disease runs in the family so I have an interest in kidney health. Hope 'scarring' kidneys has not affected your life too negatively. I imagine you have to be aware of what you eat, etc. Thanks again Natura for sharing and All the best of health to you! realeyes **

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Natura in reply to RealEyes

I should be eating less protein. But havent had my kidneys checked in 4 years from bad health ins. That is on my list of things to do with my new health ins. I urinate a lot, and get up in the middle of the night often. But, at least they are working. My sister has a shriveled up kidney. They couldnt find the other one. She laughs about it. I have high creatanine. Otherwise, I am holding steady. What I found interesting was the kidney dr said they were probably like that from constant infections from uti's my whole life. I thought it was from my clotting disorder. Have not had a definitive explanation.

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RealEyes in reply to Natura

I think what we eat and our day to day diet is so important Natura. Thanks for sharing and be well ! ** :)

Hello Mistydawn,

I bought my Kefir from e bay - cost £11.60 with free postage.

Look for "Organic Potent Live Milk Kefir Grains " and the seller is HealthylifestyleUK (one word). The culture originated in Poland and in the title of the product you will see the Polish word Grzybek which I assume is the local name for it.

The seller is base in Jersey and you will also receive instructions with your order.

When you receive your Kefir and if you have any questions please ask.



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Natura in reply to RogerRocket

What is Kefir?

If I am allergic to dairy, is this not a good idea?

Hello Natura

Kefir is the name for a bacteria culture similar to but not the same as yoghurt. Kefir originated in the Caucasus a region in Eastern Europe many thousands of years ago. It is supposed to be the very best thing to improve the numbers of and types of bacteria in the gut (known as the biome).

Unlike yoghurt bacteria (which cannot survive stomach acids so cannot travel to the gut during digestion) kefir bacteria travel to the gut where their numbers can increase whilst harmful bacteria are caused, by the presence of the colony forming kefir bacteria, to decrease.

The upshot of this is that general digestive health is greatly improved.

Kefir is purchased as "granules" which when added to milk reacts with it increasing the numbers of colony forming bacteria. During this process lactose is converted to other substances so lactose intolerance is not a problem.

Kefir so formed is passed through a sieve to retain the granules and the resulting liquid can be drunk.

The granules are then used to start the next lot.

In my case and because the number of bacteria in the granules far exceeds those in the liquid, I scoop off a small quantity of the granules for my next batch which float on the top and make a smoothie with fruit, ginger and anything else to hand with the liquid and grains that remain. I leave my kefir and milk to separate so it is easy to scoop of some of the grains for the next batch. Others sieve off the grains whilst the mixture still looks creamy. It is a personal choice.

For further info look out for a book by a professor Spector which goes into greater detail. Also google Kefir.

The benefits re Kefir and general health are currently being researched and the latest scientific findings are very very positive.



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