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Chinese Takeaway help please


Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing ok.

I’m looking for some advice on Chinese takeaway food, if anyone can help me?

This weekend is my husbands birthday and by tradition, we’ve always chosen which food we’d like to celebrate with. I’ve been doing really well with my weight loss start and so he said we won’t bother and will eat at home so I can eat my own food, but I really don’t want to do that (although it was sweet of him to offer).

My question is, if we were to have a Chinese, can anyone offer suggestions for dishes which might be the better choice? I’m trying to lay off carbs and I’m diabetic (I know a lot of Chinese dishes contain a fair bit of sugar) if anyone can give me some tips on dishes I could choose which might not be as bad as others, I’d be grateful for the advice. A friend suggested a chop suey dish as it contains bean sprouts and no rice or noodles? I like all meats and seafood.

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Hi Ellie I tried to get you some Google links but it's not letting me share them so I took this screenshot off a keto site for you. Hope it helps. And that your hubby has a happy birthday! I also wondered if you fancied making a fakeaway? Then you'd know exactly how many carbs you were having 😊

Thank you Mama2nana. Unfortunately the screenshot isn’t showing either. 😬

You can't see the food list? It's showing this end 😀

JerryAdministrator in reply to mama2nana

I can see the screenshot mama2nana 👍

No it’s just a blank square. All I can see is your post. I’ve taken Jerrys advice and reported it to support to e see if they can help me. 🤞

JerryAdministrator in reply to Elliebearcub

Hello Elliebearcub i can see the image so would you please report this to: please as they can investigate this for you.

Thank you,


Hi Ellie,

We eat a lot of chinese food and I have been LCHF for a couple of years now. I have long ago realised that it's not the rice or noodles that fill you up. I will order anything that doesn't come with a sweet sauce or battered, so beef, pork (perhaps not char sui as the marinade probably has sugar) chicken, prawns, cashew nuts, with ginger, black beans, broccoli, spring onions, chinese leaves, any veg. If it's a celebration, choose 2 mains if you think one won't fill you without the rice, or have a side order of stir fried bean sprouts. Have a lovely time and dont worry about the odd carb, just enjoy the special evening :)

Elliebearcub in reply to PandQs

Thanks PandQs... some really helpful info there. I’ll look out for those dishes on the menu 😁

If its only a one off id not be to concerned about it, as long as you get back on track the following day.

Do they offer something like chicken wraps wrapped with lettuce?

Thanks everyone... some great advice for me to take onboard 😁

ZestStar in reply to Elliebearcub

Hi Elliebearcub I am curious as to what meals you decided to choose in the end. I hope you enjoyed whatever you chose.

Zest :-)

Elliebearcub in reply to Zest

Hi Zest. I’ll be sure to post what so decide to have and what happens with my blood sugars as a result! 🤞😂 Will post an update on Monday 😉

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