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Stuffed aubergine 🍆

Stuffed aubergine 🍆

Hi Folks,

With all the talk about healthy eating and a rainbow diet I thought I'd have stuffed aubergine tonight, I stuffed it with the soft centre of the aubergine and onion, garlic, red pepper, chilli, cavolo, sliced chestnut mushrooms and some chia seeds, I had it with boiled new potatoes, carrots and cavolo with a vegetable stock clear gravy.

As it's veganuary and there's a lot of interest in healthy eating and dieting this month this is another vegan dish.

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Hi Jerry,

Your Stuffed Aubergine dish looks amazing - extremely colourful - definitely a Rainbow on a Plate.

Looks really appetising.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest, my local veg shop had some that looked just right and they were on offer...

Jerry 😊

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