Help with water filters please

I am thinking of buying a water filter for general health reasons. Does anyone in the group use one on a regular basis and do they they have any significant advantages. What do people think are the best type - or do they think the're probably just gimmicks and tap water is likely to be just as good?

Am very interested in your opinions.


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I have one, and I like it. Our water tastes very heavily chlorinated, and it makes it palatable.

I don't feel a need to filter based on what's in the water, it's largely down to taste for me.

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I like the fact there is a water filter built into my fridge, and I always filter my water that way - I can't tell you what the filter is called, but I know it needs to be replaced every six months. Personally, I prefer to drink filtered water.

It would be good to hear other people's opinions too, regarding whether they drink filtered water or not.

Zest :-)

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My family uses Brita for the water filter system. Works pretty good.


I've stuck with Brita for years, though I'm curious to try a brand I've seen that adds magnesium to the water. I don't live in an especially hard water area, so a filter lasts the full 4 weeks, however, they need changing by 3 weeks if the water is very hard. I especially dislike the taste & smell of chlorine, though unfortunately the filters don't remove fluoride.

Soft/filtered water is better for the skin but not the skeletal system. Hard water is better for bone health, but makes scummy tea. :(


I just drink tap water. It's fine for me.



Many thanks for your replies. I think in the end the best way might be to just go and buy one and judge for myself what results I get (if any). Fortunately they aren't very expensive.

Keep the comments coming though. Others members opinions are always interesting.


I have a Brita water filter and have used one for many years now, I do not like the tap water where I live. I live in a soft water area, Devon, but the tap water doesn't taste very nice. I visited a friend a couple of days ago who lives in Cornwall but in a little village and she just uses the tap water and her water is much better than mine!

My filter lasts for 4 weeks and I buy my new compatible ones in Wilkinsons.


Hi, crazyfitness. Like the name !

Thanks for the tip about Wilkinsons for the filters. I'd never have thought about them. I know the filter prices can vary a lot.


I drink chilled tap water, always bottles of it in the fridge. I do wonder if I should filter the water, I know a few conspiracy theorists who would say not to drink tap water but I’m not sure. Tastes fine to me. x

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I decided to have a look on the subject on youtube last. Plenty of info on there but was just as confused as ever in the end. Some suggest best things since sliced bread, others a waste of money. (take a look at the lad who tries one to filter coke ! )

Have decided to try one on a suck it and see basis ! Thanks a lot for everyone's responses.


Hi happydodderer, when you research what's actually in our water, a good filter becomes an essential & no longer a luxury. There are many different types and a great range of prices & it can get a bit confusing. All depends what you want it for; just drinking water, shower filter, whole house filter, portable filter? And your budget, but it doesn't have to cost alot to get basic, safe water.

This is a handy guide to help in choosing the right water filter for your own situation:

It has some comparison tables at the bottom. Hope this helps


Hello eberybody! My water tastes awful! Lord knows what is going on. But I know for sure I need to fix that, at least in the kitchen. So I'm considering one of these countertop water filters - . Any experience with the mentioned there models?


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