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Do you filter your water?

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I am thinking, yet again, about getting a water filter. We used to have a brita filter but this time I am looking for something much better. Any suggestions?

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We put a filter under the kitchen sink to filter cold water, also got boiling water tap

Nothing wrong with a Britta, stick with it.

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We use a standard filter jug. don't think it's Brita, but it's a similar premise. I use it to improve the taste of our water, which is heavily chlorinated.

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We have one of those fancy reverse-osmosis thingies at home. The ball'n'chain wanted it, so we have one. I have to say, it's a great gadget. I used to buy bottled water.

We have a simpler version at the restaurant (ceramic filter + carbon). Again, I'd say it was worth every penny because we save a fortune on bought-in water supplies (the municipal water is theoretically drinkable, but nobody I've ever met actually does so).

In comparison, the tap water in the UK tastes absolutely disgusting. I suppose it must be theoretically drinkable, but it's still revolting. So yeah, I'd recommend a filter :)

By the way, the cartridges last a very long time.

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Hi Andy,

I have filtered water, and the filter fits in the fridge - but I'm not sure what it's called. I know it was relatively expensive, and it's supposed to last for 6 months. I certainly find the water is pleasant to drink - cooled and filtered straight from the fridge.

Hope you find something that you like.

Zest :-)

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I use a Brita filter, when I remember. Bought it on line with a years supply of filters for a good price. My sister had kidney stones earlier in the year and the consultant said he wishes he could have a slot on the news for 5 minutes to tell people to always filter their tap water. Hence, I bought mine. I have to admit though, annoyingly, I often forget to use it.

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I also have used a reverse osmosis filter; my water is from Long Island a shallow water table which I believe contains chemicals from lawn chems

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Without wishing to hijack the thread - but to save me wading through a shedload of internet - would somebody here mind summarising the argument for drinking filtered water? I'm drinking - and liking - the UK tap water. With thanks in anticipation 😊

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andyswarbs in reply to rachelleigh73

For some people it is about taste, that's for sure. However a powerful filter can remove any metals, flouride etc in the warer.

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This is the one i use.

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Casual water filter:D I can't imagine skipping water filtration to just drink it with all the potentially dangerous staff inside. And that's actually the best way to filter the water because all the bottled water contains dangerous plastic microelements. I would suggest checking the best reverse osmosis system It has been working perfectly for 3 years already. I didn't test my water in any lab, but it tastes pretty good :D Hope it helps.

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Yes, we have a D7 Reverse Osmosis system

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