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Bonfire night soup, vegan spicy creamed parsnip soup with coconut milk,

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Hello everyone,

Here's a photo of some creamed parsnip soup I've just made. It is a really simple recipe:

2 med parsnips

400ml of coconut milk

Ground coriander, ground cumin,

Ground paprika and fresh coriander

Cook the parsnips (washed and cored) leave to cool then blend with 400ml coconut milk add the spic and blend then heat gently and add the fresh coriander leaves and finally sprinkle with paprika.

Now the reason the bowl is only half full is because I made some crispy onions from the Greenplanet recipe BadHare posted and that is amazing. I just gently fried some sliced red onion until transparent then add some extra olive oil and some coconut flour and stirred in until it was like bread crumbs and I added cumin and coriander and cooked until golden brown. Then I added it to the soup...

What I really like is the parsnips give it a nice sweet and smooth taste and it doesn't need salt and the paprika is warming which's just right for bonfire night...

And if anyone else would like to say what they are having over the bonfire weekend then that would be great and enjoy your evening folks. 😊

5 Replies

That looks lovely!! May have to try that!

Looks delicious

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Wow, Jerry - I love the look of that soup - I will hope to try that recipe sometime. Looks really good!

Zest :-)

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This is just in time for the rest of the week, Jerry. Thank you for sharing this!

Tasty soup, & what a super soup mug! :D

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