I have had Diverticulitis twice since July 17, admitted to hospital on my 1st, intravenous antibiotics then normal antibiotics and sent home, when I am OK, I am told to have a high fibre diet, but 12 yrs ago had my gallbladder removed, so unable to eat fibre, fruit or vegetables as it goes straight through me. Also on 2nd bout , I have acid reflux and take Omeprazole to calm it.......question is.......what can I eat? I only drink tea no alcohol for 20yrs. HELP!


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  • Hi Miket57,

    I'm just about to go to sleep and noticed your post, and I just wanted to give you a link to the NHS Choices information page about Diverticulitis, incase it would be helpful to you - I think there's a section on 'Diet' in it - but checking with your medical practitioners would be wise too of course:


    Hope that is helpful as a starting point.

    Zest :-)

  • I'd ensure you are having zero refined sugars. So no biscuits, no cakes. What about low-fibre foods such as bananas?

    Long term a whole-food plant based diet with no oils can cure a lot of illnesses and if not cure at least make them manageable.

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