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Just been diagnosed with diverticulitis disease.

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Hi I've just been diagnosed with diverticulitis and wondered if anyone else suffers with this and any diet tips.

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Hi AllieM,

I don't know if you've seen this page from the NHS Choices website, which does mention some things about diet towards the bottom of the page:


Lowcal :-)

I have suffered from this in years past; in my case I was eating too much bread which was stodging up my intestines; food can't move down easily so it pushes out the sides and hey presto, you have diverticulitis. The answer is almost a simple "plumbing" solution; drink more water, eat more high fibre food (which the gut can move down more easily), and eat less stodge which blocks you up and causes discomfort.

The best high fibre foods are whole fruit (remember the saying; an apple a day keeps the doctor away) including skins where possible. Apples, orange segments, plums or prunes, grapes or raisins, and maybe add some nuts and pumpkin seeds, all help with the movement in our gut. Keep well hydrated, and active, and the problem will resolve itself in no time.

Thank you, it came as a bit of a shock because I thought my diet was ok. I don't eat too many vegetables though and probably not enough fluids. I was quite dehydrated. I will certainly have an overhaul of my diet because I never want that pain again 😳

Excellent advice !

Hi, Yes I was diagnosed with this 2-3 years ago, like yourself it was a shock but I've since learnt that its very common, just a lot of people don't realise they have it! I have diverticula disease and it has never gone into full blown diverticulitis where you experience terrible pain. I've found its just being aware of what I'm eating. My main issue is the bloating it causes. I eat fruit and veg as much as I can, however I find too much can cause serious bloating with me, I eat porridge oats and Weetabix for fibre, though too many nuts can also cause bloating. Bread is fine in moderation but I rarely eat more than 2-3 slices a week and I make sure its Rye or Wholemeal. I don't ban any foods but am just sensible about what I eat after observing what was causing me problems. I also try to eat little and often as I find this works for me. I take a mild laxative every day as prescribed by my doctor to ensure things keep moving! and this has helped massively.

Good luck with your diet


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AllieM in reply to Lessofme

Thank you for your reply. I'm just back from the doctors and he has pretty much reiterated what you have said. It is quite scary knowing that this has been rumbling along for a while. Thankfully they appear to have mended my perforation with antibiotics and bed rest in hospital. I know now that my lifestyle was pretty rubbish so I will be eating clean from now on. I was a typical meal skipper and general party person. I've lost 12lbs which has given me a good starting point to get healthy again. It shows you can't get away with an unhealthy lifestyle. It catches up in the end. 😳

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Lessofme in reply to AllieM

It certainly does catch up with us in the end. I have never been a meal skipper - love my food too much. I was used to eating big portions without enough fibre which was my downfall.... well that and the drink..... which was literally my downfall haha now though I have cut portion size, eat smaller amounts during the day and have become conscience of what I'm eating. I bloat crazily if I come away from this regime so good luck with sorting out your own diverticula plan...You will notice the difference


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AllieM in reply to Lessofme

You sound like my twin!! I'm guessing fizzy wine hasn't helped my cause or weight. I used to be on a constant diet when really common sense stares you in the face. Smaller healthier portions with fibre from now on! The food I've been avoiding for years is probably really my best friend!

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Joyceadams in reply to Lessofme

I've just been told I have diverticulitis i didn't know any thing about it but reading what you wrote has helped me to eat different Thank you

Hi allieM my sister has that divicurtistis & it makes her life a missery she trys to manage it she has gud days & bad days she needs to be by a toilet she dusent go out to long in fear of accidents but she now take these tab for her dyria she sed they help her there called loperamide hydrochloride find out about them first babe ask yur doctor see wat he things take care & be safe patricia

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AllieM in reply to Patcy2468

thank you Patricia. Im feeling much better now after a spell in hospital and am trying to change my diet and lifestyle. It's hard and I feel for your sister because it can be quite miserable. Outings are now strategically planned!!

Hi allieM am glad for you babe that you are feeling a lot more possitive take care & be safe

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