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Healthy Eating
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hi everyone

i am carol and am new to this forum my hubby and i have recently been trying to have another baby and this time things have not been easy.i went for check ups and my doctor told me that i had a blocked fallopian tube.i dont really know what is the cause since myfirst pregnancy was normal i had no complications.and can i still get pregnant if one tube is open?

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Please check out the healthunlocked.com/womenshe...

(Women's Health group). Also, feel free to ask questions about how to eat healthy. We have Volunteers, other members and the Administrators for the group willing to help to the best of their ability. We have polls on the Polls section, topics for different issues related to eating healthy/weight loss, etc.. Please feel free to continue posting on the group and meet the other members. We have monthly meetings once a month. Would you like to attend next month?


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