Problem with digestion

Hi all, I have been facing problem with digesting food for the past two months. I always eat only a little amount of food as I am having this problem, but still I feel like I have over eaten. I workout daily and now I have reduced my meals to once a day. One of my friends said me that I may have problem with my esophagus. I have problem with gas and bowel movement too. The gas doesn't come out completely sometimes and I can't complete the bowel movement too. What could be the reason for this? While browsing I found that food sensitivity may cause this type of problems and I am planning to undergo a food sensitivity screening ( Edited by admin to remove advertising link) Can you please share your thoughts?

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  • Try researching pro.biotics (beneficial intestinal flora ) on the internet if you,ve not already tried them. I began taking them for inflammation but the knock on effect was my digestive problems cleared up. Needs to be a good brand, you can look up the milk test on the net also to check if they,re active.

  • Hi Jerid334roberts.I had a problem with a digestions food too.Don't eat these kind of food!Make an appointment to visit a doctor.

    Best wishes!

  • One meal a day doesn't sound a sensible way to go. What is your diet like? Do you drink plenty of water? Do you eat a 'clean' diet -low/no sugar, no processed foods, medium/high fat, medium protein, low carbs? Grains can slow your digestion down.

    You could try eliminating foods that often cause problems eg gluten, dairy etc (try one set at a time) stay off said items for a few weeks then try reintroducing them, one at a time, to see what effects they have.

  • Adding fiber into the mix might also help, whole grains and nuts are a great source of fiber, but there are also fiber supplements that you could try!

  • my surgeon said brann buds , as this is likely a gallbladder problem which creates digestive enzymes

    if you have a lot of gas and feel really full, ..and constipated ... likely your gallbladder .....

    you can take fiber and and milk of mag ,

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