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Healthy Eating
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Ways of eating and different ways of eating

I'm not a fussy eater, not into sauces recipes.

For example, I'll have kale, cabbage and belly pork. But I'll cook the veg separately whilst the pork with some spring onions (in pieces is cooking). I'll eat the veg and the pork 10 minutes or so later after having read a bit more of a book.

What's your unfussy Way Of Eating ?

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Hi Hidden,

I think that I quite like meals that I can 'leave to cook' - and which don't need too much 'attention' - like putting lots of veggies and beans into a casserole dish and roasting them, or putting together an Omelette (like I did today for my lunch).

Your Belly Pork meal with the Kale, and Cabbage and the Spring Onions sounds very tasty. I'm now wondering what book you were reading inbetween eating your meal.

Zest :-)


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