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New study shows eating 66g more fruit and veg every day can cut the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 25%


Hi everyone,

There's an interesting study carried out by Cambridge Uni that eating just 66g more fruit and veg every day can cut the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 25% as we have many members who are pre-diabetic I think this is very important to know.

Please see:

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Morning Jerry, eating more fruit and veg just must be good. Helps to get the weight off and therefore cut the risk of diabetes. I was borderline type 2, lost 3.5 stones and now no longer at risk. We like colourful plates, carrots, greens and reds, basically the Mediterranean diet.

Well done. Please tell me what you ate to achieve this. Were you LCHF? I'm not diabetic but would also like to know approx how long did it take you to lose it?? Thankyou

I joined Slimming world after my GP told that I was quite frankly obese, I was so upset but my anger turned to determination. I swapped buttered toast for fresh fruit for breakfast, had homemade soups for lunch and lots of veg with lean meat or fish for dinner. Snacks were swapped for fruit or Benefit Bars from Aldi. Never a heavy drinker I cut back to only a drink at weekends.

It took me about 15 months but that was over 12 years ago now and I am still at target. I feel much fitter in spite of having CLL. Sorry don't know what LCHF is?

Would highly recommend Slimming world, it really works if you follow the guidelines, not rules as some 'diet plans ' have, really just healthy eating without fat, sugar or too many carbohydrates . You don't have to attend group, can join online but group becomes a social morning. We are currently having Zoom meetings until we can get back to wherever normality will be.

Good luck xx

Hi crickey 15 months that is what I call determination!!! I'm overweight 13 stone and according to calculations I am obese for my height too The LCHF diet is what people on the group do on here. Low Carb High Fat LCHF . I'm very sceptical about that . I'll check SW out thankyou. I am glad you've maintained your weight so well thankyou and well done !!

I'm 71 and wondered did you also start doing any exercises etc. ?

Yes once the weight came off, I found I was able to walk more. Then I started swimming and gradually increased my pool visits to five days each week. Now of course not able to swim so we are walking 3/5 miles each day and gardening most of each day. Do look at SW it really works. Let me know how you get on. I shall be 68 in a couple of weeks and despite having CLL I am in better health than I can remember for years.

I didnt know what CLL was just looked it up. So sorry you have that but you are very upbeat and bet you're pleased to hear that pools can reopen from 25 July. My you do walk a long way. I am not doing any exercise and that's my downfall except for occasional walk. I find it extremely hard to get motivated living on my own. My medication too has increased my weight on boobs too which doesnt help. I'm so glad you feel so well and I'll check out s.w. I always used to be a swimmer. Used to do pilates but suffered a lot of pain so had to stop . My BP is still not good and I had ab ECG yesterday ankles still swollen. Sw worked for you and that's so nice to hear. I have a garden but it's not one that needs much doing to it it's bad soil and even the shrubs I bought 2 years ago struggle. 😄😄😄

Hi yes pools may open but not for us until we are absolutely sure that it is really safe.

I wondered if you could give me an idea of roughly what you eat? I.e. breakfast lunch dinner and what food do you avoid or only have small portions of. ?? Oh yes of course you cant swim got to be real careful .

No fat? One of life’s pleasures in my opinion 😋. The healthy kind with a bit of the unhealthy kind thrown in. Congratulations on your weight loss, but even more so on doing the hard part and keeping it, that is impressive. SW obviously works for you and that is what it’s all about - finding an eating plan that works for you.

Well done for keeping your weight off- fantastic achievement with so many wonder full . I have also lost my weight using the SW plan and attending weekly meetings ( virtual Zoom meetings at the moment). I am very close to my target and know that maintaining all the great habits is going to be my next challenge. May I ask you if you continued to attend the group meetings ?

Absolutely, it is keeping up with group which keeps me motivated. When I reached target, I decided that because I had allocated my group fee each week, I would continue to save that money so £5 each week is squirreled away and then I have money available for treats.

What a good idea ! I am looking forward to being able to attend as a target member and save my £5 each week.


... and spend it on strawberries !

Have you tried baked oats for breakfast?

No , I haven't - I will look up the recipe - I really love overnight oats so I think I will give it a go.

40gms porridge oats

50 ml milk

1 egg

mix all together and put into an oven proof dish. Bake for about 20mins at 180. Serve with fresh or frozen fruit and either yogurt or quark.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to kitchengardener2

This sounds really good! I'll have to print off the recipe and try this after the hot temps. cool down a bit. :-)

Make it and have it cold with yogurt for a dessert

Activity2004Administrator in reply to kitchengardener2

Sounds wonderful for the idea!😀👍🌈

Tomorrow's breakfast sorted - thank you 👍🏼

Whydothis in reply to basten

Hi again Basten

A Mediterranean diet means plenty of fruit and veg, fish, meat, olive oil. Some emphasise high levels of carbs like pasta which is no longer thought to be right - but what carbs you do eat should be whole grain.

We try very little but either the light 1 cal spray oils or a little olive oil. We haven't deep fried at home for 40 years, don't have a deep fryer or chip pan and our 'chips ' are homemade oven chips. We eat at least 2 portions of oily fish each week and take a fish oil capsule each morning. My own one treat is that if I am having bread and butter, then I want butter not some by product of petrol.

I agree - I have never deep fried anything. I belong to the "only eat foods in their natural state" camp, so I won't buy anything with reduced fat like one-cal, I just use the smallest amount of olive oil that will work for what I am cooking.

I don't eat butter very often, but if I do it is the real thing - the manufactured ones mostly have trams fats because they have made a liquid oil into a solid - so not at all natural!

ZestStar in reply to kitchengardener2

Well done on your weight loss, and your great results. That's really great. :-)

Zest :-)


Hi Jerry

This is great, and I've just posted my breakfast, which included some delicious fresh fruit - delicious! :-)

Zest :-)

I guess it also depends on carbs they eat too. My 76 year old friend has type 2....interestingly hes been told not to eat too much fruit and my 84 year old had it.his wife kept his sugar levels well under control and he only ate an odd apple and oranges.

To be honest I must say all I've read really makes me feel completely much conflict. Quite worn out by it all

Noone has commented on my posts I put up. That's also interesting.


Whydothis in reply to basten

I don't remember seeing your post about I have just looked at this site, and I think it needs a warning! It does not include any reference to any proper scientific studies - it is the opinion of the person who wrote it - and I think most people on here would disagree with it. It is an example of the way the internet allows everyone with an opinion to sound like an expert - we need to be really careful about looking for the evidence before we accept what we are told.

Sorry if this comes over as rude - I don't mean to!

basten in reply to Whydothis

No that's ok. Yes it is just one persons site . Quite a lot to read too. Based too on Okawan diet I e. Japanese

Didnt mean to sound rude. Just so overwhelmed . Yes fruit and veg are of course good for us but I just wanted to comment about my friends diabetiscand what they did and were told. Its definitely the carbs that cause probs.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to basten

Everyone needs some carbs. to keep their brain and the rest of the body functioning the correct way so they don't get low blood sugars (hypoglycemia). I'm a type 1 Diabetic who is on a low carb. high protein diet and use two types of insulin each day along with a CGM to control the blood sugars.

Agreed. It’s just that so many people choose the wrong kind of carbs - the ‘fast’ white ones/junk type carbs. Although the brain doesn’t have to have ingested carbs to keep it going it manages quite well on ketones and glucose made in the body.

When your blood glucose is low, your pancreas produces small amounts of a hormone called glucagon. This hormone tells your liver to release glycogen which is then converted back into glucose in your bloodstream, giving your body the fuel your brain (and other parts of your body) need in order to function.

However, I do take the point that as a type 1 diabetic the above may not necessarily work for you.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to AnnieW55

That’s right. For me personally, my pancreas doesn’t put out glucagon. It puts out insulin now and then, but not the right way. Most of my pancreas was removed when I was an infant at 2 weeks old. I don’t feel lows.


I love this!

Thanks for posting- I’ve saved it so I can look back on it

I’m on couch to 5k journey so nailing the exercise... 🏃🏽‍♀️

I am making tweaks to my diet ( Chocolate is a hard one for me to give up 🍫)

But I love fruit and veg so not all bad


JerryAdministrator in reply to Tinytears60

Hey this is great so thank you and good luck on couch to 5K 😊

Whilst increased fruit and vegetables is a great idea for virtually everyone, some are better than others. For many people, especially those with pre-diabetes they would probably be better off avoiding bananas, their sugar content can be quite high. Some of it can be eye watering if you need to lower your sugar intake.

Below are some info graphics put together by Dr David Unwin, who helped found the charity Public Health Collaboration and Endorsed by NICE. He is a GP from Southport whose practice has been making great strides in helping their patients to put their diabetes into remission.

I agree with you. The article/research is a bit weak on which fruit and veg we should be eating. As you say, not all fruit and veg are equal. Dr Unwin's teaspoon charts are great at highlighting where the hidden sugars are. As a vegetarian, I eat plenty fruit and veg, mainly those which have a low glycemic load. I might have a banana once in a blue moon :)

crazyfitnessPWB Guest

An excellent post Jerry and thank you for sharing. It means I can carry on stuffing the red cabbage then ;) Honestly I could resist it the other day as I par-boiled some for freezing and couldn't stop eating it LOL.


Thank you for posting this. We are so lucky to have such a vast array of delicious fruit and veg to choose from. Another 66g is not going to be hard for me !

Since eating a proper healthy diet (instead of the bizarre zero-fat diet recommended by the Experts) cuts your T2D risk to approximately zero, I'd say the research result is somewhat superfluous :)

I looked up the source article and the results are from a very big study - thank you for pointing it out.

Hi Jerry well I’ve been on LCHF eating plan on here.

I’m very much overweight and need to lose lots of stones.

I’m type 2 diabetic, with loads of health problems and on 3 injections a day. Since the middle of may when I started this plan, I’m no longer having 3 injections a day and I’ve also cut out one of the tablets I use to take at lunch time which it was to help take sugar out my body through me weeing it out.

This is my new way of eating and at last i relies that I can never go back to eating how I did before.

I’ve been on 100s of diets in my lifetime it’s the first time one has worked for me. This is my new eating plan.💐💐

JerryAdministrator in reply to Iwilldoit22

Hi Iwilldoit22 this is great news so good for you and please feel free to post about your meals and success on here as we have an LCHF topic.

I wish you well with your new eating plan. 😊

Iwilldoit22 in reply to Jerry

I do pop on a few times a week. My weigh in day is Mondays. I just love the support you get from everyone it’s great it really is and I no that helps me so much too.💐

Iwilldoit22 in reply to Jerry

I will say that I’ve noticed that if I have any fruit it really does put my sugars up even berry’s so at the minute I’m off them, I’m really not sure why. But I eat so much vegetables and I love them is a good thing.💐

And eating more veg and less fruit would have even more dramatic results. In 3 Weeks, you could eliminate your type 2 diabetes. The term 'fruit and veg' is a construct of the food industry.

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