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Night shift eating!

Can anyone recommend ways of keeping to healthy eating whilst on a night shift? I do one every couple of weeks so is not in my regular routine. Do you snack, have full meals or not eat? I'm just wondering what is the right thing to do. I'll generally go to sleep for a few hours in the afternoon then have a light tea before work & also a light tea in work at around midnight / 1am. Do I have breakfast before I go to sleep as well? I'll finish at 4 or 6am and usually don't wake up until about 11am.

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Thanks for the reply, I'll put some of this into practice & see how I go.


I did 4 years of permanent nights - 10pm - 7am, I watched others cook meals, eat sandwiches, munch sweets, all sorts. I always had normal dinner before shift, trying to keep routine same when working or not. I'd take crunchy type bar (didn't often eat it), apple & banana for snacks. My main break I would have porridge or bowl of cereal that worked for me. When I got home I'd walk the dog have cereal or toast then go to bed - not overeating but enough to stop hunger waking me up. It seemed to work and my weight stayed the same throughout, bonus!!

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Thanks for the reply, I've just found a love for porridge after thinking it would taste disgusting so maybe that's the answer. It worked for you so will hopefully work for me :)


Good luck funrunner :)


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