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Has anybody tried LCHF way of eating and did it work?

I've just finished reading about this diet and it sounds too good to be true. I did manage to eat in that way today and I must say at 8.00 I still feel absolutely stuffed.

I am trying to loose weight and the idea of cooking in butter, butter on green veg etc does sound counter-intuitive. I have just watched 'Secret Eaters' and now feel apprehensive about trying it because those people are huge - and they eat a lot of fat too.

Has anybody any experience of LCHF and have you any tips?

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Hi bigleg,

I know what you mean about the way we used to eat. At home when we had bangers and mash my Mother always poured the excess fat over our mash. And we used to have dripping sandwiches, and chips cooked in beef dripping.

We did eat a lot of other things too! (Looks like a very 'bad diet' from my description)

But also we did not have the highly processed foods in those days. Most food was home cooked, from scratch.

Earlier in the week I have spent a lot of time looking at the sites you sent the link for. I have just made out my shopping list using some of the suggestions on the site. I hope my husband goes along with it!

Has the plan been successful for you? Did you manage to loose any weight?


If, like me, you have any intestinal problems (hiatus hernia and gall stones) you shouldn't do this diet. Too much fat & protein in your diet can also cause other problems but a lot of people do find it a successful way of dieting but I would check with your GP before starting on it. Someone else I know, a diabetic like me, was on the diet and ended up with gout which was, according to her GP, caused by it.

I count calories, have lowered my carbs to 150g a day because of my diabetes but generally if you eat less and move more you will lose weight.


Thank you for the warning ceejayblue. I do not have any intestinal issues to worry about but will take your comments on board that this way of eating may give me some!

My diabetes nurse gave me a very useful list of what constitutes 1 unit of carbs. The list recommends 14 units/day but stick to 10 if you need to loose weight. It is amazing just how small a unit is. e.g. mashed potato, 1 unit is the size of a boiled egg. 1 digestive biscuit is 1 unit. You very quickly use them all up! I think a lot of our problems come down to portion size.

I must admit that the thought of using butter and cream on everything sounded worrying - that's why I asked the question. Deep down we know what is right. I would really like to resolve my T2 diabetes and the books I've read say that by using this method that is possible.

I have always felt that eating highly refined foods is not good and avoid them and try to only eat 'real' food.

Thank you for replying.


There are some people who go down to 20g of carbs a day on the LCHF diet and I just don't know how they can do that! You're right though the real problem is portion size and when you look at what a portion is for most things its scary!

What I will say though is, being diabetic doesn't mean that you have to give up everything, I still have the odd treat and I do sometimes over eat - after all I'm only human. However, I am conscious of what I eat, I try to cook from scratch, limit take aways (chinese or Indian is once every few months) and have chicken shish kebab as a healthier choice, if I have fish and chips we have a small portion of chips between us and then end up throwing over half away, and take the batter off the fish. My mantra is everything in moderation and something from all the food groups.

I am struggling to lose weight, but that's because I am a bit of a pig and I'm lazy - after all you can eat stuff that is good for you to excess and that's not good for you either. I'm not good at exercise either, I do like going for a walk but walking in an urban area isn't fun for me so would rather wait till the weekend and go for a country walk.

I belong to a weightloss site - weightlossresources.co.uk which has online tools for logging your food and exercise (only way I can keep on track) and although it costs money, its far less than Weight Watchers and Slimming World charge per week and it has lots of great information and support.

Are you Type 1 or Type 2? I'm type 2 on Metformin and my Diabetic nurse sent me on the Xpert Course which is 6 half days over a 6 week period where you learn about what diabetes actually is, how the body works and what food is what. I found it really helpful. I'm also on a number of groups on Facebook which give support and advice and one that specifically deals with carb counting which a lot of people find helpful. I can PM you the details if you are interested.


Hi ceejayblue, Just had a look at this site. It has some very useful pages in it. Thank you for sharing!


You're welcome.


I agree with you, and I've been trying to do this for years - scratch cooking our food. Problem is if my husband does the shopping he tends to buy ready meals - 'to save ME time' (**!!*!) and this is the only way he can do it. (His first wife had MS so I can understand why he has those ideas)

I think it is time I took back control of the purse strings and did all the shopping from the local independent shops and the farmers market. The more we keep out of the supermarkets the better we all will be. AND I reckon I save 20% on my food bill that way. There is a price for all this 'convenience' which is our health and well-being. It's time we all woke up to what the food processors get away with. Food Unwrapped (Channel 4 - I think) gives a shocking insight to what goes on in the food industry.

I am on my hobby horse now, in case you haven't guessed, so I think I should stop the rant!

Thank you for your useful links and the interest to reply.

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I am gluten free, wheat free and dairy free. I take probiotics and do healthy smoothies. It reduces inflamation and speeds wt loss. Effective for muscle pain relief. My smoothies contain an apple,




Beek, I found your post in the archives and I am wondering the same thing. How did you get on?


Hi Pklme. I bottled out of doing it in the end because of the high calories involved. I decided to go on the 5:2 diet instead. I have not lost much weight (only1kg) but my shape has changed and people are noticing the difference.

At the end of the day I am beginning to recognise that my eating is simply a very bad habit. Much the same way as alcohol and smoking is for some people. It's all pretty pathetic of me and time I cut it out. I am trying to cut down on my food as well as keeping busy, as best I can.

The reports I've read from those who have done it are very positive though. I had a reply to the original post saying not to be afraid of the fats. It's just having the confidence to take it on. Maybe others may like to add their opinion/experience? I hope so.

Sorry I am not able to enlighten you, am I?


Thank you! I have lost a few kilo, but like to ring the changes diet wise. I'm not worried about the fat so much as the carbohydrates. I could do it happily 6 days out of seven, but would like the very occasional bacon sandwich/bag of chips/Chinese take away! And eating out would require me to not eat the carb element of the meal. Tricky, don't think I have the discipline!

Well done for finding something that suits you!


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