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Hiatus Hernia


I'm new here today. I've just come back from seeing a consultant about a hiatus hernia that they found by gastroscopy.

To cut a long story short, I can't take acid blocking medication because of too many side effects, I can't take H2 antagonists so he says I have to learn to manage it with diet. I've looked at the advice and am going to make changes but I wondered if anyone ad any especially useful tips or could recommend a cookery book, preferably with UK type recipes.

I would be really grateful :-)

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Thanks, I will try it.


hello mate I am the best food going m99998765432


I have a hiatus hernia as well as Barrets . For my heart I have been on a Whole Food Plant Based no oil diet WFPB fo two years. Because of this nil fat diet I have virtually stopped taking Omeprazole a proton pump inhibitor. There is a lot of information on the web re this way of eating, mainly from the USA but it is possible to adapt their recipes . Contact me if you need more info.


Thank you for telling me about this.

I'm finding it so difficult to work out a diet that stops my symptoms.

I stopped taking Pantoprazole a year ago, I didn't know you shouldn't go cold turkey and I've had terrible symptoms since, burning legs, arms, scalp, all over my body. I've stopped the ppis now. I've tried all the azoles and they all have horrible side effects now but its so hard to get off them. The drs can't explain the burning and don't have any advice other than do my best to manage the condition. I've looked at fodmaps, fast tract diet, the standard NHS advice, which does say its better to eat low fat. I hadn't heard of this diet so I'm very grateful to you for suggesting it. I'll have a google tonight. I'm very glad you are feeling better.


So sorry you are having this burning effect, have not heard of this before. I have very little reflux now and only take a PPI now and again. Let me know how you get on, there is a wealth of info on the web re this diet


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